What Music For Warming Up? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

(funky horn music) – We’re here at the 2018 Giro d’Italia, and I remember when I was racing
how important it was to me to have the right music in my warm-up. So we thought we’d ask the
pros what they listen to while they’re warming up. Nothing, in Svein’s case. Question is, do you use music to warm up? – Of course I use music, yeah, the best. I like hard rock and stoner rock, so yeah. – What’s the favorite
song to have in your head for a time trial? – Well, the last year I’ve been listening to Marilyn Manson “Beautiful People.” – Do you ever listen to
music when you’re warming up for a road race or a time trial? – For a time trial, yes, yeah. Need to get pumped up and
motivated and ready to go. – Nothin’ real specific, just
whatever’s on my playlist at the time. Oh, if we do a course recon,
I’ll put headphones in as well, but they might not actually
be attached to a phone with any music. It’s more just to stop
people talking to me. – International signal for
“do not talk to me,” yeah. So you’ve no favorite song? It’s not like “Eye of the Tiger?” – Oh, God no, no. – Do you warm up with music? – Usually I do. Tomorrow I probably won’t. Tomorrow I’m not even going to warm up, I might warm up with a coffee
and in front of the heater, but yeah, usually I do. – Do you use music to warm up? – Yeah. – What song is the last
song on your playlist before you go to the ramp? – Actually, always different. I just checked the charts
before, and then I make up a nice playlist, but it’s always
some fast music, like some… Sometimes it’s techno,
sometimes it also can be a fast R&B song, I’m open to it. – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) – Do you listen to music
when you’re warming up for a road race or a time trial? – Ah, not really. Like, I have, but it’s not
like a crucial thing for me. Yeah, it’s, I’m indifferent pretty much. – Do you listen to music
when you’re warming up? – No, actually, I don’t. I’m rather concentrated on the warm-up, I’m focused on doing a good warm-up. – Usually, yes, but today I
forgot my headphones, so yeah. But normally yes. – Is that gonna ruin your race? – Oh, not at all, not at all. – Yeah, always also a little
bit to create your own place because there are always people
around, and you just wanna shut off a bit, yeah. – Any particular song you
wanna have in your head as the last thing? – Usually it’s on shuffle,
so it doesn’t really. Maybe that’s the thing, the last number. And then if you’re lucky,
if it’s a good number, then it’s a good time trial, right? – When you’re warming up
before the time trial, do you listen to music? – Oh, yeah, of course. I mean, it’s part to focus with, to find the right focus, no? I try to always be alone,
not take too much out on me. Yes, listen to music and also
think on the (mumbles), no? You try to think about for
the corners, how everything and you try to have, you’re
in mindset whole will be the (mumbles) on your mind. – Song that you wanna have
in your head as the last song before you go to the start round? – Something fast-paced, like probably around 100 beats per minute to match the cadence that I want. So, yeah, whatever I’m
in the mood for that day. – Favorite song to have
in your head for a race? – That’s quite hard. Nothing in particular that
I definitely tune in to. I like a bit of Red Hot Chili
Peppers and Foo Fighters, you know that really gets
me going, I enjoy that. – I’m not sure if I’m
gonna listen to it tomorrow because it’s a bit longer, the time trial. I shouldn’t, normally I start too fast, so probably that’s the reason why. So maybe I go for Queens of the Stone Age. – (speaks in foreign language) – Yeah, normally I have one
song that I really like. It’s from one group that
the name is Calle 13. It’s called “La Bala,” so in
English, it’s “The Bullet.” But it’s not always like this, no? Sometimes there is some
song that is trending, and then you start to listen and then you have it on my head. Today I was thinking on
one song from Macklemore. The name is “And We Danced.”
– So there you have it. A wide variety of tastes for warm-up. With music, without music,
many different genres, but a consistent lack of
folk music, strangely. Anyway, if you’d like
to check out some more of our Giro content, click down here.

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  1. Lets ask the Pros what time of day they take a dump. Since we are only considered cyclists if we do what the Pros do I want to make sure I have bowel movement timed right.

  2. Pros must have bad taste in music as they seem reluctant to name their favourite songs! Maybe a few still channel their inner Lance and listen to Sheryl Crow???

  3. What's going on at The Giro? How is Chris Froome going? Is Contador in it? Why is Chris Froome trying to win The Giro and The Tour in the same year, doesn't he know that's impossible to keep peaked enough to win both events?

  4. When I do training sessions on my smart trainer the music has to be fast and / or hard like Industrial, EDM, Goa … something like Combichrist – Skullcrusher

  5. ”Bleed” by Meshuggah. First verse gets you in the right mindset

    “Beams of fire sweep through my head
    Thrusts of pain increasingly engaged
    Sensory receptors succumb
    I am no one now, agony” 😀

  6. 'international signal for do not talk to me' I FUCKIN' WISH, i've been in so many bike shops plugged in in japan, and even when i blank them they keep fuckin' trying. i'm too british to tell them to immediately piss off in their face. UARRRGH!

  7. Man, i'm gonna miss Sveino's buddha vibes. Phinney needs to step his game up….or perhaps have a cameraman follow him through tours. Also De La Cruz knows whassup, that Calle 13 track was pretty dope.

  8. The only time I'd use a trainer to warm up is if it was raining, or if the roads around a criterium course were too busy. I'd also never listen to music in a warm up.

  9. Hey GCN, your subtitles should have an outline in future, makes it easier to read. White on white is difficult.

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  11. I like taking advantage of the rider's native languages in the interviews. Even though I only speak English and un poquito de español you can tell they express themselves better in the native tongue.

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  14. The song I listen to before race warm up or training ride is 👍Wagner's Ride of The Valkyries 👍

  15. Great topic, rough answers! These guys are like brick walls. Maybe compile a spotify playlist of riders top 3 songs at the moment.

  16. I don't listen to music, but I do listen to a recording I did of my Road Bike hub ratching mechanism when freewheeling. What I did was edit and Phase Invert the recording which cancels out about 90% of the noise. This is for safety reasons and also for a quite ride.

  17. I would bet a can of coke SOME pros ARE listening to music during races through their ear pieces.

    Confirmation might be tricky, especially if frowned upon.

    Despite arguing it helps concentration through at least one side, can it be verified if they get some beats through their buds. HBC.

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  19. Nibali: "Yes yes, sometimes yes, sometimes no, it depends" – well that's cleared that up then! 🙂

  20. I've had a song in my head on many occasions while competing in various sports…sometimes even when I don't want one in there.

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