100 thoughts on “The Truth About “BURNING BELLY FAT””

  1. I wrestled and worked out for a decade but never got abs until I started prolonged fasting. And I did it in 1 month. Look up snake diet

  2. I did some of these workouts and not gonna lie i felt my stomach tighten up a little and its been a while since i worked out so yeah im down wit it finna hit 191 all over again!!!!

  3. bro i started from your abs workout 2 years ago i now make my videos an people follow me cos of my 6 packs thanks to you mainly just letting u know thx

  4. me: wow i finished without stops a ThenX workout im really strong
    chris: this was round one
    me: should have known better you still aint there.

  5. Should we make it all as a set? I mean If that all is a set how many set should we do?
    Thank you so much for the video btw!

  6. Well said sir….I'm lazy and I know why I am where I am it's just my mentality 🙄 (lazy ass lol) good luck to everyone great vid

  7. Friends and I started doing this, but we’re unsure what you mean by reps: 50 total, or 50 each side? You specified “each” for the Star crunches but not for the others

  8. I have a very active job and I eat relatively healthy and train at least 6 days a week however I’ve still been struggling to burn fat. Until of course I stumbled upon this channel, the workouts are challenging but so effective. Do not underestimate this guy 💪🏻

  9. Just be careful guys. The exercises he is doing are great, but be careful. If you go too strong, too fast, you may wind up giving up. Push things sure, but you don't need to go hardcore to lose the weight. You do want to have that challenge, but do it so you keep challenging yourself and not accepting the challenge others are doing for themselves. If you're coming from a place where you have had next to no activity lately, try doing the exercises he mentions until you get a burn sensation. If you feel sharp pains, stop. Sharp pain is not a good sign. If you feel intense pain afterwards, again, maybe hold off on that exercise until your ligaments, joints and muscles are in better shape from other exercises.
    If you are considered 'morbidly obese' hold off on the high impact ones shown. You can actually tear your joints apart. I've done that and had to get knee and shoulder surgery by pushing things too hard too fast.

  10. I have a bad left knee, spine damage and left shoulder pain which leads me to living a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  Because of this, my belly has gotten very big and exasperates my injuries.  What low impact core routines would you recommend for someone like me?

  11. Liked the video, hated the workout. I never thought I would find myself in that mind state again since isometrics, next few months are gonna hurt!

  12. Hi , I watch all your videos, Am a big fan, But I'm 46 years old from the UK an I challenge you to get me in shape! We can do the before an after pictures, I I do wot Eva you say for my age, size, weight. So think you can do it. Can be amazing for me, An prove to people who watch like myself, that with hard work and dedication an eating right, it can be done. So young guy, think you can help a old guy out.???

  13. How the f*^k are you not sweating, I can sweat just be standing still, I know it’s self explanatory but I’ve started to go the gym on the 7/9 not done no exercise since I was 21 I’m now 44, I’ll be lucky if I can go 2 of each

  14. Coming from a personal trainer on my own personal journey of success. This is some incredibly solid stuff. Keep at it y’all 👊

  15. yes you can , target fat loss
    fat will burn first on your active areas , because blood flow does the work
    keep your abdomen , always relaxed , never train it , it will be the last place you will loose fat from

  16. Yooo honestly the hardest part to get in shape is when you’re depressed… you just don’t really care anymore and nothing seems to matter anymore.. what are some recommendations you guys can give me so I can stay motivated

  17. See I'm naturally skinny, no gym needed, sure I could put on muscle…

    But…. You get fit, you get strong, you die anyway….

    May as well spend my time living rather than training

  18. having muscles could be handy in a variety of situations, including the end of civilization. It can also be useful if civilization continues. But what is civilization, after all? It is making lottsa money on youtube, that's what it is

  19. If you want to lose belly quickly. Cut all sugar from your diet. But sugar I mean absolutely nothing processed, and no candy or chocolate even if it's organic. Cut out all bread, pastries, pasta, pancakes, cookies, muffins. All carbs are OUT. Organic local meats and vegetables.
    Little fruit. Water only.
    Daily yoga, meditation, and strength training.
    Swim laps a couple days a week, ride the bike instead of driving. If you do this you will thrive.

  20. I’m gonna be honest with y’all, I only watched this video to stare at his body lol. I’m gonna be a fat ass for life 😂

  21. I think that working just with excercises like this Is way Better than lifting weights n getting your body deformed.

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