The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 1): An Epidemic for Every Body

[ Music ]>>How did the entire world
get this fat this fast? Did everyone just become a
bunch of gluttons and sloths? [ Music ] Obesity’s been around
since there were people. It’s been around for
50,000 years easy and it was around before McDonald’s,
Burger King, Wendy’s, it was around before Coca-Cola. Obesity’s part of
the human condition and there are evolutionary
reasons why obesity has been selected for in individual
populations because people who store energy are
more likely to be able to survive periods of famine. So there is a selection process
that goes on all the time but none of those things explain
how in 30 years we have gone from being svelt, if you will, to basically being
unbelievably sick. That’s what an epidemic
or a pandemic, in this case, looks like. That’s what plague,
influenza looked like and the question is what
would be the exposure that could account for this
and if it was just gluttons and sloths, how do you
explain the obese 6-month-old? We have an epidemic of obese
6-month-olds in this country. They don’t diet and
exercise, you’re going to call them a bunch
of gluttons and sloths? This goes way beyond
the question of personal responsibility.>>We have felt like it’s the
individual’s responsibility to keep their energy balance,
to eat the right amount and stay the right weight. But when something goes
wrong like the majority of the population becoming
overweight, we have to question that model and we have to
look at the forces outside of ourself this huge
societal environmental forces that are shaping obesity.>>The reason we’re in
this epidemic can be summed up with one statement, one idea
that has become so pervasive that it’s become sacrosanct,
that it has become dogma and that statement is “A
calorie is a calorie.” It’s the first thing dieticians
learned in dietary school. If you eat more than you
burn you will gain weight. If you eat less than you
burn, you will lose weight. And it doesn’t matter if those
calories come from carrots or cheesecake, the bottom line
is a calorie is a calorie, you eat too much, you
exercise too little and that’s the mantra
and guess what? It doesn’t work. And the reason it
doesn’t work is because a calorie
is not a calorie. The only dogma is there is none.>>Choose your favorite
hypothesis, there’s so many. Well you know what is
it in our environment? Is it just the excess of food? Is it the high fructose
corn syrup? Is it the antibiotics we’re
taking, the estrogens, different hormones and
hormone mimic hers? Is it the intrauterine
environment? All of these factors
play a role, so it is not just one thing. I mean if there’s one big thing, it’s of course it is
our food environment.>>Fast foods, fast
preparing, fast eating, and fast-causing disease, too. And we in our 2 parent
working, 2-hour commuting, 2 job life do not
have time for food. This is the biggest issue
that we currently face. It is the reason that the
industrial global diet has taken over the world is because with
all of our labor-saving devices, with the cars and the computers
and lawn mowers that you sit on instead of push,
et cetera, et cetera. All of those things have
actually reduced our time not created it. So this is a function of the
changes that we have made in our society extensively
for our benefit. The question is are they?>>Well there’s been a number
of changes in the last 30 years in how we interact with
food, with our food supply. There’s over 24,000
different foods that enter the marketplace
every year and there’s the issue of sleep patterning, stress,
how we feed our animals, the nutrients in the soil. There’s a number of
different issues at play. All of these converge on, I
think, adding to something to the obesity epidemic.>>The Western diet, our diet,
that we prize and export all over the globe has now become
the industrial global diet because it’s cheap,
it’s portable, it has no depreciation,
witness the 10-year old Twinkie and it was designed
to taste really good to keep people eating. This is now everywhere. This is the exposure. This is what has changed.>>I think we have
had a perfect storm. We have had the confluence of
this change food environment, the restricted activity like
no PE in schools, and chemicals that we’re not quite sure
what we’re being exposed to and they’re working together. [ Music ]>>Boy does that look good but honey what’ll these
calories do to my waistline?>>Relax, it’s diet [inaudible].>>There was a big war in the
food field back in the sixties and seventies and the
war was fat or sugar. And so we were remanded,
as a country, to reduce our consumption
of fat from 40% to 30%. Well guess what? We did it, we are there. But the total consumption
of calories and specifically carbohydrates
and especially sugar has gone through the roof, so
it was that directive, that edict of the late 1970s
that started the obesity and metabolic syndrome
ball rolling.>>It is almost impossible
to buy those packaged foods without getting a lot of extra
sugars that are just going to be toxic for your metabolism. I’m suspicious of anything
that says low fat or diet because you know that that means
that they’ve had to compensate with a lot of these
added sugars.>>A perfect example,
SnackWell’s. So what’s a SnackWell? Two grams of fat down, 13 grams
of carbohydrate increased 4 of which are sugar,
no fewer calories, same number of calories and
if fat’s not the problem and the sugar is, you can
see where we’re going here.>>And there’s also the
change in this food supply so that those highly
palatable foods are more easily accessible, so we can
reach for that comfort food at any street corner, at
any time during the day and have a few extra calories. [ Music ]>>When we talk about
the diseases of obesity, we’re talking about type
2 diabetes, hypertension, lipid problems, so blood fats,
if you will, heart disease. Those are sort of the
Big 4, if you will, that constitute what we
classically called the metabolic syndrome. However, we now know that there
are several other diseases that fall within the scope
as well, for instance, nonalcoholic fatty
liver disease, which now affects
one-third of all Americans, polycystic ovarian syndrome,
which affects 10% of all women, cancer and also dementia. Now here’s the key. Everyone thinks that those
downstream diseases are because of the obesity and
that could not be further from the truth. The obesity travels
with those diseases but the obesity is a marker for
those diseases Twenty percent of obese people have a
completely normal cellular metabolism and they will
live to a normal age. Forty percent of thin people, normal weight people have those
same chronic metabolic diseases and will die of them. Nobody dies of the obesity per
se; they die of the diseases that come from the
metabolic dysfunction. So when you do the math that
accounts for 60% of America. We are not talking
about a minority; we are talking about
the majority. So when you add up the medical
costs for those 8 diseases, that is 75% of healthcare
expenditures, not just ours, not just America but all over
the world so much so that in September of 2011, the
United Nations secretary general announced that non-communicable
disease, that is chronic metabolic
disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension,
cancer, dementia now posed a bigger
threat to the developing world, not the developed world,
the developing world than did acute infectious
disease and that includes HIV. This is enormous. This is mind boggling. This is absolutely staggering that developing countries have
a bigger problem with obesity and diabetes than they do with
cholera and other infections. When you think about that,
that really has to stop and give you pause,
something is going on here. [ Music ]

100 thoughts on “The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 1): An Epidemic for Every Body”

  1. Anyone who needs to, can lose weight quickly and safely on a low-carbohydrate diet. It is not sufficient simply to reduce sugar/carbohydrate intake, you must reduce it below about 20 grams a day. You will then begin burning the excess fat that was stored in your adipose tissue, and lose 2 to 5 pounds a month. What substitutes for carbohydrate and sugar in the low-carbohydrate diet, is protein and fat. You eat meat, fish, dairy, nuts, oils, and green vegetables–as much as you want. You will lose your between-meals hunger, and start feeling better and losing weight quickly.

    Many people are afraid of this diet because of 40 years of propaganda that fat consumption builds up serum cholesterol and increases heart disease risk. It isn't true. You will find your triglycerides drop and your HDL rise on this diet. Your atherosclerosis risk will greatly decline.

    Lustig is surely right about the sugar/fructose epidemic, but to cure all the obese and overweight people will require taking on the myth that dietary fat is bad for you. Gary Taubes book "Good Calories, Bad Calories," marshals the evidence to rigorously disprove that myth. Unfortunately most people do not have the time or concentration to read it.  

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  3. To folks who want to burn pounds–but can't get started. Just Google Skinnimaker System right away.

  4. I can say that the old more calories burned than taken in has worked for me as far a weight is concerned. I think people just need to get off their asses and learn to move again, eat better, and learn to manage stress better. That will solve a lot of the problem

  5. Just bought hamburger rolls at Costco. By the label you would think you are buying health food. The label contains the USDA food plate, and some bogus statement about how grains are essential for your well being. And no trans-fats of course (did hamburger buns ever have trans-fat?). It is a very sad state of affairs.

    And who is head of the USDA? The former governor of Iowa. And whose interests does he represent? That's right, the wheat and corn (HFSC) producers. What a joke.

  6. yeah sugar makes you fat thats why all those fruitarians are so obese and all the high fat dietitians like gary tuabes are so skinny
    gary tuabes logic: obese people have a much higher risk of getting disease than "normal" weight people (which includes overweight people btw, convenient how he doesnt make them a third group in between) so therefor obesity isnt the problem…………

  7. What I don't understand is why I have a lot of friends that love real food and they would not go near a processed food or take away food,  they cook their  food at home with veg do exercise  but they are still over weight. How is that so ? They will take a medication though at the drop of a hat eg. if  they have hay fever or headache or any other small aliment ? Stress on the liver possibly this also is another small contributor?? I think this is a incredibly complex issue but I agree 100% that it is big profit making companies causing this epidemic.

  8. calories in = calories out 
    all kind of food and drink have calories except for water ! 

    after seeing this video I became hungry 

  9. Problems with this: 
    1) how can we reduce people's personal responsibility by explaining everything in terms of societal pressures and structures? that's right! tell people that obesity isn't their fault! It's society!  
    2) calories in vs calories out IS TRUE! This is basic thermodynamics! it is IMPOSSIBLE to gain weight (except water weight) when using more energy than you are taking in, period. Yes, a calorie isn't a calorie in terms of nutritional values and health benefits, but it is a calorie in terms of energy. Eat less calories and you will have less obese people, simple!   

  10.  I was told that if you move fast you lose weight in no time like if you want to get something from the other room instead of walking slowly you can walk a little faster I'm not telling you you should run but yeah..

  11. What about the animal products? That stuff is packed with cholestorol, fat, hormones and all kinds of nasty. Almost all overweight and obese people and many skinny people have high cholestorol. Cholestoral is only found in animal products, meaning that they must be eating too many of them. So it's not JUST the sugar we should be worried about (though we should definitely still be worried it).
    Also, not all sugar and carbs are bad (although a lot of them are). I feel like people demonize them too much. Eating fruits, vegetables, root vegetables and wholegrains are all awesome for you, and those are all carbs. Yet because people are so afraid of carbs that you see these crazy diets like Atkins and the Paleo that try to complete exclude carbs, even the good healthy ones.

  12. Thank you for this.  I have been studying food addiction since 1996 when I 'got sober.'  I have a FB Closed Group Food Addiction Education to help people learn about the research in food addiction. 

  13. I have no idea if this was mentioned, but around 7:22 Dr. Atkin's book is listed with many of the diets that limited FATS, not sugar. If anything Atkin's was on the right path.

  14. I'm a bit of a homebody and thought that this will do well for me, since exercising requires a lot of time, effort, and equipment. Weight loss green store tea worked very well for my needs and was an excellent appetite suppressant.

  15. Fast food used to be a treat. I remember my folks (who both worked) ) late 60s early 70s, would buy it for us kids on a Friday night when we would all go out to the drive in movies. Kentucky fried chicken once or twice a year. Pizza 3 or 4 times a year. Chinese rarely. Now people eat these (food treats) as dinner, and for most of their meals? Also, my folks wouldn't dream of serving soda with any meal, except for summer BBQs and picnics, a weekend treat. Jeez, soda used to be expensive, and you never got free refills. I raised my kids the same way. I'm tired of being visually assaulted every time I leave the house. Most have no shame and flaunt it with tattoos and skimpy clothing. Its just unbelievable how quickly obesity has become the norm. Make time to cook at home once in a while, and when your kid is hungry between meals, give them an apple or an orange to suffice. Its OK and used to be normal to feel hunger between meas. Its just awful the things I see kids eating, that their parents choose to give them, as they walk around the grocery store and streets. I'm really beginning to think, now that there are so many obese people. How in the world are they going to raise normal weight and able children, when they themselves refuse to see the light. Just sickening. Stop buying all that processed sugary garbage, and reeducate yourself on eating life giving foods. Its really not that difficult. Sorry for the rant. Just spent!

  16. The average man in America in 1912 was 5 ft 8 and 157 lbs, in 2012 he was 5 ft 9 and 196 lbs! 40 pounds gain in 100 years!
    71% of Americans are now overweight, 85% have overweight levels of body fat…. pandemic is correct. Everyone complains about the inaccuracy of Body Mass Index, yet even the BMI has been shown now to UNDER-estimate how much body fat people carry!

  17. I had to actually get a journal and write down what I eat each day in order to track my calories. I figured out I'm comfortable with an average of 1546 calories a day and exercising 5 days a week. I also eat high protein… And finally I figured it out, but I'll have to journal what I eat for the rest of my life.

  18. "Obesity has been around since their were people"………I don't believe obesity was around 5 – 7 million years ago.

  19. Had I watched this one first, I would not have watched the factual episodes.  Just because someone walks by a McDonalds does not mean they have to eat there.  It's a choice.  Lifestyle is a choice. Everyone is personally responsible for their own choice. Junk food may be cheap, but so is a packet of seeds to grow your own food.

  20. Calories dooo count and portion control works. I have been there and done everything known to man to lose weight. In fact December 2014 I was 198 lbs at 5ft 1" but could run/jog eight miles. I ate organic, clean (no processed junk). I was gluten free and low carb AND DAIRY FREE!.(which was suggested after I was told I had metabolic syndrome). I was so frustrated because I had cut out all the crap that I loved and still, no dent in the scale and I did not feel any healthier. So one day, I talked to one of my skinny friends who could eat anyting she wanted and not get fat. She said she practiced portion control. She ate everything in portions-small amounts and suggested I look into the weigh-down program. I did and quickly realized how much I was eating. So, I started the program in August and by this last December 2015, weighted in at 154lbs. Seriously, I eat everything (I still limit dairy because it does not agree with my stomach) but in halves and quarters. half a burger, small fry no soda. 1/4 chocolate bar etc. I still try to eat organic and stay away from processed foods but I gluten it up as much as I want and my carb load is seriously 3/4 of my diet which means a very happy brain for me at least.

  21. 3:04 What a complete sack of bullshit. Of course a calorie is a calorie. If you think otherwise then show me a person that eats 1 apple per day and still gains weight.

  22. Sure, maybe as a child you can't help it.

    But as an adult, you CAN. There are plenty of gluttons and sloths who would rather drink a fad tea diet than (god forbid) exercise willpower.

  23. This documentary changed my life. I have lost 65lbs, gotten stronger and reversed early onset of metabolic syndrome. Grateful for this man and wisdom he has shared. Unfortunately so many ignorant beliefs on food and sugar addiction. As an addiction specialist I am ecstatic with the development of brain science and physiology of the endocrine system.

  24. Hey doc, we do NOT say that anymore, get with it, we did in 80s….not now. Now , we say (dietitians), a calorie from fat is not the same as fat from say protein……..and alcohol is metabolized in liver as a fat (7 cals per gram). So, its cardio to burn fat, weight training to build and preserve lean muscle that raise BMR, and lower stress as cortisol plays huge role, and inflammation. and as she says: hormones, yes! so, it is many factors. Also, you fail to mention water. why? tap water has chlorine and flouride, the biggest disruptor to the thyroid gland…….and : sugar: huge problem………and kids on phones, FB, vs 'riding a bike'. so, many factors. Fresh food, organic, exercise, low stress…..clean living is the trick! 🙂

  25. I must say this one is really worth it! Weight Loss Green Store Tea is really for weight loss product. All thanks to this!

  26. I have been taking Weight Loss Green Store Tea for less than a month and I have lost ten pounds! It's amazing! I love this product!! Will keep purchasing until I reach my goal weight.

  27. AND….all you have to do is say NO to garbage food, control your calories (from good quality food), and exercise. It is that easy. Stay away from fast food, processed food, soda/sweet tea, vending machines full of garbage. COOK your damned meals and carefully pay attention to your portion sizes.

  28. I went low carb—less than 20g a day (mostly from vegetables) and completely eliminated my cravings for sugar, without much effort on my part, and I stopped craving sweet things. My treat is mixed berries with a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream. I've lost 7 lbs in five weeks.

  29. i get salads when i go to fast food and i get water and apple slices and if i don't i get the kids meal (but that's very rare)

  30. Wholesale Bullshit Alert! Exactly what percentage of babies are we having these days who on their own and without parents over-feeding them are obese? The number is close to zero. I have known countless obese people and have yet to meet one who wasn't addicted to food and therefore ate A LOT of calorie dense food. Virtually all obese people know this themselves. They don't eat anywhere near the same amounts as their normal weight counterparts. The day you eat exactly the same amount of and type of food as the person who is 200 lbs lighter than you and still are obese is the day you get to bitch about your genetics. That simply isn't the problem faced by 99% of obese people. 99% of obese people suffer from food addiction.

  31. Do this if you want to lose weight fast… I started taking garcinia after hearing about it from dr.oz & oprah. I lost 27lbs in less than 14 days. If you are having a hard time losing weight, head over to my profile and watch the vid on how garcinia can help you burn fat and ill show you how to get a full month supply of garcinia for just four dollars!

  32. We are eating too much fat. How many obese people do you see eating things like fat free brown rice and skim milk / soy milk? lol.

  33. i am doing the high carb ovovegetarian diet. i am satisfied with what I eat and slim. but I don't use table sugar.
    so yes for complex carbs and fiber and a big no no for sugars. but fruit is ok (as there's plenty of fiber).

  34. I’m fat & this is why I hate fat acceptance. People make this easier & OK to have. Fat acceptance community is telling us that it’s ok to be at a risk for several death threatening illnesses. It’s not cute, & it’s not kind of people to be ok with people being fat

  35. You are responsible for your life. Playing the blame game is not very helpful. We love our sad stories these days. Everyone is a victim.

  36. This is business…f&b and health industries…one make decease n one cure…n the marketing both side try to fools us…meanwhile their create wealth and more money…smart2

  37. Benifits of running for health


    How to calculate BMI for male and female

  38. I'm from Norway, when I visited the USA I went into the supermarket and picked out a cereal that looked like it had little suger in it( it was a bit hard to compare since it's not in %', but it was among the better once). I then picked out some low fat milk to go with it. It was so sweet I couldn't stomach it. I forced down a bowl, the rest went in the trash. Back at the supermarket, new reading og labels of a dozen of cereals, came back with what seemed the lowest in sugar, made a bowl with milk. Again I ate one bowl, threw away the rest, it was too sweet to sweet to eat.
    After 2 weeks I went back to Norway, but 8 months later I came back to America for a 2,5 month stay. This time I brought with me the cereal I ate in Norway. Bought the low fat milk again, (didn't knew any better back then), and again the cereal tasted sweet. What was going on? This time I could eat it, but it was still way sweeter than back in Norway. It's not like someone poured suger in the box while I flew over the Atlantic. The only thing that was changed was the milk, so I checked it. In Norway, low fat milk is low fat milk, In the USA low fat milk is low fat milk with 37% more sugar. I poured out the milk and gave up totally on cereals at that point.
    My diet wasn't great when I was over there. I ate some hamburgers and fries, some pizza and tacos and sandwiches, but since the products was different than the Norwegian once, I didn't knew how to cook with them, so I ended up eating a LOT of cheddar cheese, almonds and apples. Tended to be my evening meal almost every day and sometime during the day too. I also snacked on seeds now and then. Now I was NOT dieting, and ate whenever I was hungry, I still lost 5 pounds during that time. Without thinking about it I had increased my fat intake and, despite some bad meals, decreased my carb intake. And it caused me to loose weight.
    So I say Americans probably have a harder time avoiding the sugar products as they are way more abundance than in some other countries, but it's still possible. I did it without even trying. Of course cheese and almonds is not a good long term solution, but the LCHF defiantly helps regulate your appitate and will probably cause you to loose weight.

  39. John Bergman has good talks on YouTube.

    Sugar is the problem not FAT
    It's simple but no one wants to do it.. Eat better less Carbs more healthy fats and moderate protein.. it also depends on your age lifestyle etc. Best way is get a blood test food allergy test.. the System is there to make money. They have financial gain in Medicine in Foods in wars and weaponry.. people need to wake up. Its a whole agenda

  40. I’m still young and stuff, and people expect minors to eat the most fast food. I’ve never ate KFC, I haven’t had McDonald’s in five years, and I only eat fast food if we don’t have time to eat a REAL meal.

  41. Todays jealous angered beta male is fat bald short with glasses and he loves starwars too much and he drives a jeep…he also may have a hipster beard…he will talk shit but not stand on his words or actions when confronted either hes just a non masculine blob

  42. Obesity is definitely a big problem in the US.. but not that big a problem in the whole world. Can you imagine I wear XS in the US and XL in China…? Well, the food is def the biggest problem. It always contains lots of sugar or fat. I remember when I had my first ever doughnut in the US and it was so sweet that I puked..I just hope people add less sugar to food in general.

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  44. A fat person does not survive starvation better than a fit person!
    You literally listed all the health issues from obesity, then say obesity is biologically beneficial and instinctual to survive famine… famine exacerbates most of those preexisting conditions.

  45. Why would u call someone a glutton or a sloth that is not right he does not now what there going through and name calling does not help but makes it worse

  46. Big Food and Big Pharma have to keep people obese and sick to make big profits and the British NHS with corrupt Senior civil servants, Corrupt, corrupt MPs are shills and colluding with big food and big pharma.

    The wrong food to eat they are pushing will make and keep people obese and make them sick.
    The NHS terrible nutrition advice is proof of this.


    "base meals on starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice or pasta"

    "Aim to eat at least 2 portions of fish a week, including 1 portion of oily fish."

    "have some dairy or dairy alternatives (such as soya drinks)."

    "Having a sliced banana with your "morning cereal" is an easy way to get 1 portion".

    " Eating a lot of saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, and having high cholesterolraises your risk of heart disease".

    A few excerpts from the NHS website…GASP!

    For the truth on optimum human health read the book called the Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung.

    Youtube Cole Robinson Snake Juice too for a man who walks the walk.

    Share this with your family and friends…it may literally save their life.

  47. Lustig says "it hasn't worked" referring to the idea that a calorie from carrots is the same as a calorie from cake. While that may be true, he's also ignoring the fact that Americans haven't even been trying to get their calories from sources like carrots; people in this country do not eat anywhere near the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

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