The ONLY Workout You Need For STRONG Shoulders At Home

100 thoughts on “The ONLY Workout You Need For STRONG Shoulders At Home”

  1. Okay somebody please help me. I'm a dancer and i am really on a journey to build my body but i feel like rehearsals kill my gains. What pattern of strength training would you recommend? Thank you.

  2. When I grow up I want to have a muscular body like yours

    I’m 25 and can’t seem to gain muscular weight as much

  3. CHRIS is the MAAAAAN!!! I've taken all of CHRIS advice, you really inspired me. I jumped out on my comfort zone and now I'm on target to start my YouTube Channel also about Fitness Vlog! I've even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. My first vlog is only less than 2mins for Top Basic Leg Workout. I would love some support and feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out peace.

  4. I respect what are you doing and thank you for all video.I have your app and I "steal" from you some exercises.So keep strong.Hello from Romanian guy but i live in Berlin(Germany).See ya.Chera Ov.

  5. Bro tnx for all the vids you helped me lose weight without spending 1 cent on equipment.Love you keep on the good work!👊👏💪

  6. Hey bro i purchased the app on my Android but the problem is that the payment was made but it still gives me the option to

  7. Dedication is when you keep going even after the motivation is gone. But the motivation sure helps. Keep up the good work Chris. I'll catch up in a few years.

  8. Amazing video Chris. I can’t wait for your 10k SoundCloud subs. Friends, if you wanna have fun, try 10 sets of an exercise where you usually fail between 8-12 reps (elevated pike push ups for example), starting from 10 reps and add one rep every set (with less than a minute between sets) and work your way up to 20 at the end. One of the best way to make some serious gainzzz for me 😁

  9. To many troll these days…like you said chris , ignored the troll…focus how to keep shape and keep improve the reps… i completely ignored the troll now… keep it up bro inspire people … 😎😁🤘

  10. Bro I want to ask you a Question.

    What should be the ideal ratio between bodyweight exercise –

    Pull ups : push ups : Sit ups : Squats ?

  11. Hi Chris I come from Belgium and I really like to watch you video I learn every day. I also want to thank you for translating some of your video in French. I send you message today because I really want to train with your application but it is in English so I understand nothing my English is bad and besides I use Google translation mdr.😂 I would like to know if there is no way you could put your application in French too it would be great of you 🙏🏾 💪🏾

  12. i don't understand you guys from calisthenics community you always making videos about shoulders but never on the hardest muslces to target (imo): forearms and trapezius.

  13. Those wall walks are downright terrifying… still did it though, my feet sliding and scared of falling over and breaking my neck

  14. I just picked up the Heria weight vest in black. I have been debating getting one for a while. That 15% off helped me make my decision. Thanks Chris.

  15. Hey man.. do u speak Spanish or only English…. where are you from.. I like your video…. from Philippines and Guatemala 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  16. Those home work outs are fantastic, Chris! Very handy when you're travelling. Thanks a bunch and keep up those quality videos of yours! All the best from Spain!

  17. Im pretty fit for being 41. But with Spondylosis I can't do your workout because it aggravates my lower back. I wish I could and it looks fun. I guess I will stick to swimming, push ups and squats. Thanks for the video 👍💪.

  18. Honestly, you don't need to go through all these joint destroying movements. Just go to the gym and train with weights or machines and you will have healthy joints for the rest of your life. And you will also develop superhuman body just as well.

  19. I noticed you have a few shoulder routines / videos. Could I ask for which one you personally use yourself on a regular basis please?

  20. I workout 4-5 days a week weights and just started trying (not doing) calisthenics. Boi let me tell you I tried doing one single wall walk and just about ate shit. This stuff is no joke you really have to train up to it.

  21. Love you dude you are the best of the best I wish one day I could reach at least a small percentage of your pefect level you are awesome. I thing your work out is doing the job because my ebtire body hurts as hell!!

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