58 thoughts on “Steve reveals Coca-Cola’s Dark Secret | THE VALLEYCAST Ep. 100!!”

  1. Sitting by the fire (my tiny space heater) listening to the boys to help wind down my Christmas is such a lovely gift. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to all and to all Quasm.

  2. New years resolutions are so dumb and very few ever work…if you actually want to start or stop something, do it now. An arbitrary date is ridiculous.

  3. It may have taken longer to reach 100 episodes on here than on sourcefed, but your videos are all better in general.

    Edit: Also, I love hunting Santa each year with my NERF guns. ONE of these years I'll wing the spry old goon, and that will be the best trophy in my collection since the Tooth Fairy.

  4. Watchmen was disappointing and really out of touch with the source material, both in terms of tone and the characters. Two characters from the source material became two dimensional caricatures over the course of the season. The main antagonist was awesome until the climax turned out to be really anticlimactic. The last scene was foreshadowed so heavily that it was irritating. The "topical" political content came across like they trawled 4chan for sjw and alt-right memes.

  5. I genuinely love you guys so much, which is a bit ridiculous considering I haven’t met any of you. I truly hope 2020 becomes your year, and I’ll be supporting you every step of the way

  6. First, let me state that I will never burn my Bond videos!! You talked about Harry Styles on SNL, tell us what you think about Eddie Murphy on their Christmas show. Although now that I think of it, it probably happened after you recorded this episode. Merry Christmas to you and yours everyone.

  7. Steve saying he loves bread while also, ironically, Ginny's bread song was suggested to me yesterday to watch. I didnt have water in my mouth and still spit up from laughing so hard.

    Where's Ginny at Steve??

  8. Harry styles was also James cordon host
    I loved Harry styles since kiwi 🥝 I like loi Tomlinson now I didn’t always like him I always liked Harry since he went solo

  9. Good for you that you liked Watchmen, that's cool. But it's so overhyped, what's up with that? The cohesiveness of the writing is so terrible. Sure it has some cool shifts but it's so bad overall. It's better than any marvel movie but the show itself makes me expect so much more of it.

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