Ramadan Meal Plan / Ramadan Weight Loss Diet plan | How to Lose Weight Fast in Ramadan / 30 Days

hello assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu Ramadan Mubarak to all of you today I’ve come up with a meal plan specially designed for weight loss during Ramadan out of my personal experience Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to adopt dietary modifications for many Muslims who want to lose weight and maintain it the spiritual and physical practice of self-discipline can help many achieve the weight-loss target here are some of the meal choices for suhoor and iftar that I personally follow to lose weight during Ramadan. At suhoor ,start your day with the weight loss detox tea the recipe of this weight loss detox tea is in a separate video in my channel you can check that out I’ll leave the link in the description box below and then have a bowl of brown rice along with any one of the side dishes from these choices, half a cup of prawn curry, remember not to deep fry the prawns or you can have half chicken breasts or a bowl of kidney beans or a fish that is cooked in olive oil or if you don’t want to have brown rice you can have 2 to 3 rotis along with any of the side dish of your choice . Choices for iftar, we all know that it is Sunnah to have to 2-3 dates for iftar that is for breaking the fast as it provides the body with sugar helping restore low blood sugar after fasting all day so this fruit becomes the inevitable part of our iftar with this you can have a bowl of Channa or chickpeas with a glass of any fruit juice or you can have a bowl of fruit salad with a cup of cocoa and then after half an hour have the weight loss detox tea follow these suggested meal plans and may The Almighty increase our health, wealth and iman in this holy month .Fasting typically includes the increased offering of salah, recitation of quran and an increase of doing good deeds and charity after all our main intention is to please The Almighty insha allah assalamu alaykum

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