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Today we are going to do a quick arm
workout that can be done in less than five minutes all right so let’s do this. The rope pushdown; very important when performing this exercise you split the
rope at the bottom and pause to feel the contraction in the tricep. I lean forward
slightly to allow a better range of motion during this movement as opposed
to standing straight up and down. Then move the pulley down and hit the bicep more specifically the brachialis. We are going to do a cable hammer curl I again
split the rope at the top and what’s nice about the cable is it provides the
constant resistance that differs from free weights. Then you’re gonna go and grab an EZ bar
and do a tricep superset starting out with the skull crusher. I don’t have my
upper arms exactly perpendicular to the floor. Why? Well two reasons: one with the arms back further and at an angle it puts a
bigger stretch on the tricep and it keeps the tension on the muscle during
the entire movement. If you were to do is exercise with the upper arm straight up
and down you would lose that tension on the triceps once you straighten the arms.
The second part of the superset is a compound movement. Keeping your hands at
a narrow grip you’re going to perform a close grip bench press but keep the
elbows in. Now working the bicep stand-up use the
same bar but with a wide grip. The wider grip will focus more on the short head
of the biceps when doing the curl. Whatever amount of reps you can normally
do with this weight only do half because the other half will be done with a
narrow grip working the long head. The last part of this quick arm workout
is an inclined kickback on an incline bench you are less likely to use your
body as momentum. Keep your upper arms behind your body to get the best
contraction when straightening the arm. Flip around and do an incline dumbbell
curl. The arms behind the body puts a bigger stretch on the long head of the
bicep which will emphasize that even more. I want to be clear that depending on how
many sets and reps and the amount of time that you rest between those sets
could very well make this workout go longer than five minutes.
However because we’re utilizing a lot of supersets as well as not jumping back
and forth between equipment very frequently this makes it an ideal quick
arm workout. So I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you give it a
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forget to subscribe on the way out and I’m gonna see you all next time. Workouts if you want to try….. We are going to do a quick 5-minute arm what why am I moving my hands like this? depending on how many reps and sets you
do as well as how many…… How long you rest between (loud car) I don’t think that truck’s loud enough
needs to be louder. Alright Hey thanks again for watching over to my left is
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  2. Always some of the best arms in the business Leah. 👍😊  …  So which upper body muscle is your favorite to do super set training ??

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