Perfect Abs And Obliques Workout For Beginners

100 thoughts on “Perfect Abs And Obliques Workout For Beginners”

  1. Excellent workout for abs.I've been doing your workouts for a month and they've been very helpful to me. Especially abs Workouts! 👊

  2. Just 7-10 mins a day, it really works. I’ve been doing the other burn fat exercise for 5 weeks. Great result. Thanks Chris.

  3. Yo could you do a video on an effective way to train the erector spinae with body weight exercises and weighted exercises

  4. Hey can you break the world record , break the world record of most non-stop push ups which is

    10,507 really very difficult, but you can at least try it.

  5. Hey Chris, Thanks for these weekly high quality videos 🙂 Im improving a lot since i found your channels. Wanted to thank you on this way 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  6. I am always so F afraid will I be in able to perform all those moves and exercises even tho I trained before few years and now I m in some okay like good shape but like I`m weak I can do like 10 explosive push ups only I can do only 3 pull ups like using my back not biceps , after finishing round 1 I am dead today I did his home chest workout (no gym no problem) I cut every exercise to half then he said and still at the end of or even at the middle of first round( its made I think from like 6 exercises) I got tired and every next I couldnt do like more then 5,6 repetitions , then I started using my knees to help and my triceps was dead af
    My body is ok but I lost on strength I am not in condition as I used to be like before few years and I don`t want to do like poor training on some extra beginner level , but if I am doing his like this is at least intermediate level( talking about his chest home workout video( no gym no problem I think it has like 1,7 million views) then is it better to perform that but like after first round I get to my knees and even then its hard to continue or I should start I do not know how?
    I need to be in able to do more repetitions but you cant do that without more strength right? So what exactly I need to do and how to start work-outing ,this is today my fifth day of workout and I do not really wanna learn from any other than this trainer
    Mad love Chris but pls help me 🙂
    I m from Cro so my eng is not perfect but hope you can understand what do I want to say

    Have I problem or just simply to perform any of his workouts you already need to be in damn shape so withstand all of it

    @CHRIS HERIA help please , at least I hope you read this and can give me some types or tell whats going on

  7. Those who r following this workout plz give feedback in reply to this comment after 2 to 3 weeks. Even u see a lil bit of difference then drop the feedback

  8. hi everyone ill get straight to the point, im here doing market research for a new website that allows a private training session to be broadcast live with a fully qualified instructor. its a bit like that paleton bike but theres a few changes i wont get into at the minute, but i can say that its designed to be for people who:

    1. dont have much "spare" time
    2. cant afford a gym membership
    3. dont like the thought of exercising in front of other people

    it can be accessed anywhere and sessions can be carried out anywhere with lots of private trainer sessions to choose from, there will be no membership fee it will be free to sign up. you can choose what kind of session you want e.g. if you're training legs you search for a leg session etc… you can also choose a session with or without weights 

    my question is does this appeal to you? 

    do you like the thought of being able to access a live session that suits your needs?

    from what ive said what strike your interest most? 

    and lastly what do you think could make it better?

    thanks for looking

  9. This guy is awesome! Great explanations and very motivating! We actually just put out a beginner ab routine aswell. We invite everyone to check out our routines and motivation videos!

  10. Hey I was wondering, I'm really getting inspired by your videos, but I have one issue. I injured my left should pretty bad and multiple times, I was wondering if you had any reccomendations as to videos on how I could really get started on training this shoulder back to normal so I can start my transformation into doing these extreme workouts. I have a goal and I'd like to reach it, can you help me?

  11. Chris can you make a video about how many reps you can do in one go with the different exercises like push up, squats, sit up, pull up, etc…

  12. i dont know what to do im not overweight im just skinny and i dont know if i should be doing workout that do fat loss dont . get me wrong im not like anarexic skinny im just normal skinny but im not sure if i should be doing these work outs if im losing fat any help?

  13. Well, where is your music?

    I've been waiting for your tracks for more than a year.

    Especially in this video at 7:40

  14. These videos have really helped me alot… The other video with the ten essential pressups have relieved me from back pain and have helped put me on a road to better fitness overall. I probably will never be able to do one arm pull ups or handstands, just keeping fit without having severe muscle, joint and bone pain is a bonus and these exercises have helped immensely. Thanks a million.

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