Moringa Weight Loss Tea – Thyroid/PCOS Tea – Lose 5 kgs & Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat With Moringa

hey guys i am nisa homey and welcome back to my channel and today i’m sharing a highly requested moringa weight loss tea which will not only help you to get a flat stomach but also helps to naturally balance your hormones this moringa tea is a must in your diet if you have health issues like thyroid pcos or diabetes. moringa is an excellent source of protein vitamin A pottassium calcium and vitamin C moringa is one of my favorite ingredient and I always try to include it in my recipes i have already shared moringa juice recipe and i have mentioned all the benefits of moringa in that video please do check my video on moringa for more information links will be down below in the description box moringa detoxify the body of harmful substance and boost liver function moringa helps to balance sugar levels helps to fight diabetes protect and nourish the skin balances hormones and helps stabilize mood and protect brain health this moringa tea prevents excess sugar from converting into fat reduce bloating aids in digestion suppresses appetite and gives you a sudden energy boost and thus it helps to keep your hunger pangs away this moringa tea targets belly fat by allowing you to feel fuller and lowers blood sugar by slowing down the release of sugar into your bloodstream. to make this tea i am using fresh moringa leaves you can also use shade dried moringa leaves or even moringa powder now, into a pan i have added water then added cinnamon stick which I had broken into small pieces, cinnamon boosts metabolism lowers blood sugar levels and also has anti-inflammatory properties and now add in about the one-fourth inch of fresh ginger simply grate it and then add it into the water ginger has many healing properties it is anti-inflammatory and can help balance your hormones because of its thermogenic effect ginger helps activate the metabolism which can help in fat loss now once the water starts to boil simmer for about two to three minutes and then switch off the flame allow it to cool down a little that is the heat of the water should come down around 70 degrees Celsius it should take about two minutes once the water has cool down to 70 degree celsius and in green tea leaves here i’m using organic darjeeling green tea leaves the EGCG in green tea boost metabolism and increase fat burning green tea also helps to balance blood sugar levels and then immediately add in three sprigs of fresh moringa leaves along with its stem then give it a stir if you’re using moringa powder use about 3/4 to 1 teaspoon and if you’re using dried moringa leaves use about one-and-a-half teaspoons now allow this to steep for about five minutes and then pour the moringa tea into a cup through a strainer have this tea warm two-three times a day preferably after meals since i have fresh moringa leaves all through the year round I don’t need to dry the leaves and store but just to show you how it looks I had shade dried some moringa leaves and this is how it looks like. now this moringa tea will stimulate your metabolism helps to burn body fat and also helps to balance your hormones do try to include moringa tea in your daily diet and enjoy its benefits if you like this recipe, pls give a thumbs up if you are new to my channel hit the subscribe button so that you can stay updated with my new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye

100 thoughts on “Moringa Weight Loss Tea – Thyroid/PCOS Tea – Lose 5 kgs & Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat With Moringa”

  1. ma'am plz tell me moringa leaves hot or cold. mujhe pine se mouth me chhala ho gya i don't know kaise huaa so just I ask u plz reply

  2. How much quantity of dry ginger powder , cinnamon powder and dry moringa powder can qe mix together n keep n how many tsp.of this powder to use for making tea?
    If we dont have green tea powder can we use curry leaves powder instead pls?n if yes then how much to mix in the abive dry tea mix?

  3. Dear nisha mam! Can u pls tell me ,can i have this without adding green tea? I mean only with moringa leaf? I am totally a non tea/coffee person!

  4. I have strtd follwing ur tips… I told my friend about ur channel also… and they love watching ur videos (so do I) …do u hv any remedie for eyesight problems… plus if I can get ur email ID coz there are few things which I wud like to discuss thru mails… hope u will reply…. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  5. Mam can i take this tea only for wet loss,i am not suffering from tyroide,pcso,is it fine to take plse tell us as soon as posibale

  6. Hello my friend. Great videos, am hooked on your recipes. What do you think of Triphala powder and is it possible to do a video about it considering your knowledge and detail motto mention perfection. Thanks again and take care.

  7. And do and Tha Lord and Tha love there's coming end Tha lamb and Tha Lord is in and Tha heart and Tha people sunny god bless you

  8. Mam one of your video you have given link of preethi mixer grinder can you please write which video it is as I am looking for it

  9. Thank you madam.I have started taking moringa juice and I got very good results.In tea can I add honey for taste?

  10. i tired taking for few days but felt something wierd. i got breakouts, boils and my periods got late by a month,stomach bloating. on the contrary it did help to burn some fats as i noticed that while consuming tea+workout+diet.
    p. s i stay in hot region.
    maam please could you advise if there is any side effects at all. there is another propoganada about these leaves that it is poisenious ,not good for woman who want to concieve etc.

  11. Hi mam I am suffering wid pcos n thyroid …can I drink turmeric tea early morning n after Brekfast n Dinner can I drink moringa tea does it helps…doctors insisted to take thyroid tab on empty stomach wat to prefer either turmeric tea first r tablet first .let me knw

  12. Mam I have pcod and hypothyroidism .can I make this drink by adding turmeric also.plz reply mam.very tired of irregular periods.plz plz

  13. Mam, I am in fertility treatments. Shall I take this tea. Reason i am asking is, I tried this tea and benefited much in losing weight and hair growth. But the thing is i conceived twice unfortunately the fetal didn't get the heartbeat so it got aborted. I am going again treatment in Dec or Jan. Plz advise

  14. Dear moringa tea good in hypothyroid..cause when checked on net it is said to have reduced t3 and t 4 and helpful in some. Please guide me about the same

  15. Hi i will try this tea for my acid reflux can i make a whole batch for the whole day and put it in the fridge?? Will it be ok to drink it cold?thank you.

  16. Hi how long can we take it? Is it like we should drink this for 5 days and stop for two days or we can take it as long as we want?

  17. Earlier I used to boil moringa leaves and have the boiled water.
    Now after watching your channel Ive started having moringa juice and moringa rotis.
    I feel bad to throw away the soft branches after taking the leaves. And since I really like the taste of boiled moringa, Im boiling the twigs (after taking all the moringa leaves) for about 5-10 minutes and I drink it. Its very tasty. I dont add anything as its so yummy.
    Is it safe to steep the twigs and have the boiled water.
    You are a moringa expert and you said in the description box that toxins are stored in the trunk. So kindly say if only leaves should be eaten or I can boil the twigs and have the drink/tea

  18. Good going Mam … Receipe with important information feel confident that it will work… Thank you so much…. God bless you

  19. you mentioned in description box that we should not use moringa leaves mid july to mid august as it will toxic during this time. I want to understand if this is applicable to the all moringa trees or to the trees which are grown near well only.

  20. Hi mam, can we prepare this tea in the morning and drink through out the day or we have to prepare fresh every time.?

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