Low Impact FULL BODY HIIT Workout // No Equipment + No Jumping

what’s up guys welcome to today’s
low impact full body hiit workout before we get started today don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button if you haven’t already because I’m hosting brand-new
workouts right here every week so today’s low-impact hiit workout is
going to target the entire body we’re going to be hitting those legs upper
body the core the glutes everything we’re gonna get that heart rate up
also sneaking in some cardio oh it’s gonna be good guys will be doing 45 seconds of
each exercise followed by a quick 15-second rest all you need to do is
follow along my timer is set and I’m starting it right now. alright guys that is it your total
body hiit workout is done nice work I hope you feel amazing comment below let
me know how it went for you and don’t forget guys if you love this videos to
share it with your friends alright go rest up rehydrate get some
good food in ya and I will see you guys at the next workout

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