Introduction and gentle warm up | Move more with MS

Hi guys I’m Dom and I’m here to help you
get active. MS active together as initiative put together by the MS Society to help people with MS fit exercise into their lives. I’ve been working in the fitness industry for ten years. Developing fitness programs. People with varying conditions. with a particular focus on people with MS. This
video is aimed at people who have MS and exhibit little or no symptoms. And today
I’ve got James and Hannah who both have MS to help me take you through this
workout together. Common symptoms associated with MS are balance, feelings of dizziness and general fatigue. Your symptoms may vary day-to-day. It’s
important that you judge things at your own pace. Don’t push yourself too hard
and just go with what you can do. We don’t want to do anything without doing a warm up. Guys, so let’s kick off . Limber up the body. We’re just going to start by doing a little bit of a march on the spot. Get the blood flowing around the
muscles and lubricate your joints for you. Start moving into a little jog on
the spot. We’re just getting the heart rate up even higher. That’s good, okay a
few more seconds of this, and now I want you to go down into a squat. So take your
feet shoulder-width apart, hands on your thighs, And then go down. If you like you can bring your hands up towards your chest and squat down nice and deep like that. How we doing back there guys? that’s it, good. Ok, we’re just loosening
up the joints of the hip and the knee. And now what I want you to do, take your
legs even wider. Wider than shoulder width apart. Hands on hips and we’re
gonna start moving from side to side. Try and keep your head level and we’re
stretching out the inside of the thigh as we go down. So really feel that
stretch in the inner thigh. That’s good. Few more reps before we move on to the
upper body. Ok good work guys! Right up we come onto your shoulder joint we’re
going to reach forward really stretch out the chest. Then pull back and push
your chest forward. Reaching forward again and draw back chest out, that’s it. Few more reps of these. Should feel your
temperature elevating a little bit by now. That’s it and then one arm up and one arm down. Continuing to mobilize the shoulder joints. That’s good. A few more
of these and then we’ll go on to our last movement. Right arms up, reach nice
and high and then draw your elbows down pumping out your chest. Up again draw the
elbows down a few more times guys. Keep it going, nearly done
and shake out your arms. and that’s your warm-up

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