How to SING BETTER – Vocal Warm-Up with Lucia Sinatra Vocal Coach – Ep. #1

wow.. Nooo 😱 I have to punch my students.. okay to do vocal sessions with me you have to be very very strong and powerful what we have to do now is learn how to do that the VIBRATO CIAO my beautiful people my name is LUCIA SINATRA Iam a singer-songwriter
performer and vocal coach and today we are here with SARA she is my lovely student and we are going to let you understand what we used to do during my
lesson sessions are you ready let’s go 😉 SUBSCRIBE NOW 😉 actually I will give her some vocal
warm up that she never did before it’s very important before you start to sing
that you touch each note of the scale (base on your vocal range)! go breath take your breath here brava! very good go! good breath! nice open the sound! breath the last high notes was a little flat because, you are in your higher range when you do your vocal exercise you have to be focused never put your head like this or like this just a straight! Put 2 fingers on your chin.. never do this this will remember to you
that you have to stay straight!! wow no need for Italian translation becouse she understands English and she speaks English better then me! (she is Italian)😉 Let’s do something else just to be more
comfortable with the notes.. I will show you what we have to do This would be a very strong and hard
exercise 😂 exercise exercise you basically jump from chest to head voice don’t move! go switch! Breath deeply! it’s not easy
maybe you can close your eyes as you prefer okay but stay focused
just relax your hands and feel like feel yourself like you’re singing a song Breath switch one more up down higher very good one more! wrong pitch higher down one more.. chest! head chest again one more one more we have to be careful at the pitch! The right tune. we are working on the semitones so it’s not that easy to understand quickly the right key! mmmmh .. I will do some runs you try to do the same ok I’m going to do my improvisation of
riffs & runs here on a gospel music because it’s very nice she will repeat
what I am doing.. 😍 not the same but amazing! let’s do always the same (easier for her)! try, one more alone! push! I keep changing it 🙈 higher one more time alone! stay on tempo! one more higher we must work on the VIBRATO let’s try it again I really need some dynamic I need also some dynamic ✌🏽 VIBRATO? we still don’t have the vibrato! because we still have to work on the vibrato 💪🏽 still same melody! I don’t need now the perfect things but I need dynamic I need you to start with U I need you to control your dynamic one more! better! okay that’s
something else we are going to understand how your VIBRATO works 😉 you have to be very strong and powerful I mean.. not a weak lady. I want a very strong lady!! I have an IDEA..wait!! take that!! take it!!! I HAVE TO PUNCH MY STUDENTS.. okay TO DO VOCAL SESSIONS with me you have to be very very strong and powerful what we have to do now is learn how to do THE VIBRATO…on the next episode!! SUBSCRIBE 😉 don’t miss it! I’m a singer and
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