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Hey guys today I’m going to share with you this diy drink that you can make at home and This will help you to get rid of the tummy fat in just five days The requirements are you need one tablespoon of grated ginger you need 15 Mint leaves 1 cucumber sliced 1 big sized lemon sliced and 8 to 10 glasses of water To make the drink first you need a jar full of 8 to 10 glasses of water how much water you drink in a day And you need to fill in this jar with all these ingredients Into this jar you need to begin by making this drink a night before you want to drink it mix all the ingredients in a jar a night before you consume and Consume the drink the next day and you need to repeat this process for five days to see any visible Results you can pair this drink with any controlled diet to see the better Results this drink alone will not do the magic But if you replace this drink with any kind of drink that you have in your life like water Soda, Coke then this drink will work wonders and All these ingredients will diffuse the aroma into this water overnight So it basically needs 8 to 10 hours of time for the aroma and all the beneficial ingredients to get Disposed into the water this drink will help you to flush out all the fat deposits And it will help in the metabolism It will boost the overall metabolism of your body, and it has no side effects it’s totally natural and beneficial You can pair this drink with five small-sized meals in a day do not eat any junk food And I will guarantee you [that] your abdomen/stomach will be flatter and that your waist will be smaller in just five days after starting to drink this drink. this drink also helps in the healthy digestion and it eliminates all the toxins from your body And I am just going to remake this drink for the next day use You see all the ingredients look so fresh today, but in the morning this is how everything turns out to be this actually turns all the Veggies that you have put in this to change the color the water also becomes very Pastel mint color and it tastes awesome. [I] guarantee you the taste of this is very nice and Basically you need to consume this water fresh every day So make sure you make this fresh every night for the next day and you can continue using this as a regular part of your routine to keep your body and stomach flat But you if you want to see the results you need to wait [for] just [5] days before you See any changes in your body so I hope you guys enjoyed this diy weight loss drink if you [like] this video or if you have any Comments, leave your questions below. I will try to answer them, and I will see you once again in another video. I

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  1. Can we use that all things for the week of we have to change the things twice or thrice a week? Reply as soon as possible.

  2. Hi sis
    I have n question dat we to have to put this water in fridge for whole nyt or not plz reply???

  3. I had a delivery before 7 mnths ago cearean…so should I drink dis and its true I will loss my belly fat n body fat??

  4. I had a delivery before 7 mnths ago cearean…so should I drink dis and its true I will loss my belly fat n body fat??

  5. I had a delivery before 7 mnths ago cearean…so should I drink dis and its true I will loss my belly fat n body fat??

  6. I'm liking my new lifestyle. In 20 days, I'm down 14.6 lbs!
    following this weight loss program:
    I don't want to go back to how I used to live. Usually by this time into a new program I lose my motivation. But this time is different. The motivation is actually increasing. I'm feeling like my goal is truly attainable! I really can do this!

  7. Nice article…If you want a detox in the form of red tea and you want to shed 14 lbs in just 14 days check this website

  8. I am mom of a 3 months old having a lot of pregnancy weight about 30lbs. I have got back to gym but working out with an LO is a hassle, my Facebook friend suggested me with a formula “beyond weight management tea” it’s an herbal tonic to lose weight without indulging in intensive activities.

  9. I am ur new subscriber ..I am vry much excited to implement ths n see my results on weight loss…i will try ths drink from tomorrow I wil share my views soon …

  10. So i tried this and all it did was mess up my stomach and give me a really bad turning feeling that made me not want to eat or do anything

  11. Can we refill it on next night or just throw out all the ingredients and make new detox water everynight??

  12. Should I eat rest of the ingredient after finishing water? Without taking those it will be waste of food, what should do?

  13. I have to drink in empty stomach in the morning and full day u told to consume this water to drink instead of water but I have to drink before food or after food plz reply me I'm full in confuse

  14. Bullshit I'm drinking this water for 2 moths I didn't get any changes and any results on my Tammy

  15. Let me break it to you: it is possible to lose 1 pound EVERY 72 HOURS. And the method is HEALTHY, not some magic pill or sketchy supplement.
    https://bit . ly/2HhEJ1W

  16. The cucumber got rotten and the water smell bad…but i want to drink it for weight loss.😭what can i do now?

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