How To Lose Weight FAST in 2019 (WITHOUT EXERCISE!!)

How To Lose Weight FAST in 2019 – How’s it going guys Chris here
back again from Crohn’s Colitis Vitality we’re getting very close to 2019 so
those of you who may have over eaten in the Christmas holidays or are just
looking to lose weight going into the new year today I’m going to share with
you how you can lose weight just through diet alone no exercise nothing like that
only through diet and especially if you’re living with a chronic illness
doing this has actually helped to lower my inflammatory markers to the lowest
they’ve been in over a couple of years so I really had me stay tuned I really
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you’re new around here because I’m coming out with tips for Crohn’s disease
ulcerative colitis sufferers and loads of other health diet and lifestyle
related videos at least two or three every single week so anyway on to this
video now the main thing you want to look at is when you look at the
nutrition labels you know that standard label where you see the macronutrients
on any food in the supermarket you’re gonna see things such as the fat content
the carbohydrate content the sugar content and the protein content and what
you really want to look towards eliminating in your life is carbohydrate
as much as possible now the big problem with carbohydrate is it seems to be in
every single food out there almost you’ve got the grains you’ve got oatmeal
pasta bread rice all of those bits and pieces then you’ve got the starchy
carbohydrates you know like bananas you’ve got potatoes and then fruits
which are high in sugar they were high on the glycemic index which means they
spike insulin so they’re going to contribute to you gaining weight so you
want to remove them as well things such as dairy are gonna add to this and also
one of the biggest culprits are hydrogenated oils so things like
vegetable oil sunflower oil any oil you see that turns liquid at room
temperature is rancid its pro-inflammatory it’s the most
inflammatory food out there you just want those oils out of your life and
instead to cook with something maybe like a rendered animal fat or a coconut
oil or olive oil something like that MCT or all going to
be so much better for you than any of these hydrogenated oils which are going
to keep the weight on you so now every single product you pick up off the shelf
at the supermarket you look down the nutrition label and you see it’s low in
carbohydrate that’s fantastic but what else do you need to do to lose weight
what do you need to consume because we’ve been talking about foods to rule
out what you want to look for if you want to look for foods high in fats now
there’s two main reasons for this the first one being that our body is
designed to consume fat and to burn fat so if we don’t have any of this sugar
and a carbohydrate being stored in us we lose all this water weight and we feel
really lean we get a lot more muscular and defined if we’re just consuming fat
so what we need to be doing is looking for the food labels that are high in fat
and moderate in protein and the reason that fat is so important for two
different reasons is the first one being that it gives you all those calories you
need in a day and it keeps you energized throughout the day almost gives you a
frequent supply of energy throughout the day where you don’t get these energy
spikes by consuming carbohydrate all day and it allows you to actually stay
satiated between meals meaning that you don’t have to consume multiple meals in
a day and this is important for so many reasons because every single time you
eat you spike a hormone called insulin and this is almost like a fat blocking
hormone so if you continue to eat frequently in a day you’re not going to
end up losing weight the only way you can lose weight is by following
something called intermittent fasting where you’re eating maybe once maybe
twice or maybe three times in a day but the best thing to do if you’re coming
off of a diet where you’re eating frequently throughout the day you’re
eating multiple snacks is to go down to three meals to begin with then once you
become more fat adapted and you don’t become so reliant on carbohydrate and
sugar what you’ll find is you’ll be able to then go longer between the meals and
you’ll be able to go down to two meals maybe even one meal a day but you’ll be
consuming fat that will be giving you the calorie
but there will be slow burning calories which means you won’t feel fatigues and
you’ll be losing weight at the same time and it will give you an absolutely
awesome result so some of these foods you’ll be looking at will be things like
avocado which is high in fact but plenty of animal meats out there I’ve
personally found the best lowest inflammatory animal meats to be the red
meat so you’re talking beef steak lamb steak maybe organ meats as well certain
types of fatty fish but you are going to struggle to follow this way of eating
and lose weight if you don’t consume animal products because if you consume
plant-based products you’re going to be eating them so frequently throughout the
day because a lot of them are higher glycemic meaning they’ll spike insulin
you have this high and love energy within a day and you’ll keep feeling
hungry you’ll keep feeling like you need to eat constantly and doing that it’s
just gonna keep your metabolism working it’s gonna keep your bowel sluggish
overall and it’s going to prevent your fat burning hormones doing the job as
efficiently as they should do so really to conclude this video all you need to
look for guys is not how many calories you don’t need to be counting calories
of what you’re eating in a day you need to be looking at the macro nutrient
profile or food labels when you go out and buy them so meat products are just a
little one that are very simple to follow because as long as they’re not
processed you look at things like ground beef even kind of chicken but pork lamb
anything like that you look on the food label and more often than not they’re
quite light fats there’s no carbohydrates and they’re
moderate protein and they’re the perfect staple foods to consume day to day and
you want to look towards removing the high carbohydrate food anything that’s
going to raise insulin to block this fat burning hormone you want to try and
remove as many of those foods as you can and adopt intermittent fasting where you
start on maybe three meals a day bring it down to two meals maybe just the one
meal a day who knows but if you do this alongside may be distressing your body
because stress will actually release cortisol which is a stress hormone which
will then prevent you from losing weight as well and also if you can exercise
alongside this maybe if it’s just really slow paced walking making sure you move
throughout the day I’m sure these three things altogether are going to really
help you guys to lose weight in the new year and as I said consuming things like
red meat while getting rid of certain vegetable oils you’re actually making
fantastic replacements for pro-inflammatory – anti-inflammatory
foods and I’ve had this shown in my personal blood tests where levels have
gone down a considerable amount from what they were only a few months ago
because I’ve been following a primarily meat based diet over the last few months
so remember look for the food labels that are high in fat low in carbohydrate
and have a moderate amounts of protein in and if you can try to remove the
carbohydrate and the sugars from your life as much as possible and eat in
frequently throughout the day that’s the framework to helping you to speed up
your metabolism to help you get energy back and just to help you feel great
going into the new year so I really really hope this video helped you guys
out and I hope it helps you to get those inflammation markers down as well if you
haven’t already make sure you subscribe and hit that like button if you enjoyed
the video I really look forward to dropping you guys plenty of new videos
in the new year to help you manage your Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis
symptoms and just explaining healthy diet and lifestyle tips so thank you so
much for watching guys take care and I’ll see you again very shortly in the
next video

11 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight FAST in 2019 (WITHOUT EXERCISE!!)”

  1. Just eating carnivorously once every two days not only is healthy, but cheap too, since you're no longer spending so much on food.

  2. WOW Chris, you are looking so good!!! I can see you healing more and more. Have a happy and healthy new year!
    and cook with lard!!! lard is it for me! oh, or bacon grease.

  3. How often you eat can have something to do with being over or under weight. When I first went carnivore I dropped all the excess weight in just a few months with an OMAD plan. Since I have hit my goal weight however, I have been needing to go with a 2MAD plan. I just can't seem to stuff in enough meat all in one sitting to keep from losing more weight that I don't need to lose.
    BTW, you are looking really good, kiddo. Skin, eyes, everything looks healthy and vibrant. It's working.

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