Haikyuu!! Winter Training Camp – Day Event – Surprise Guest Ennoshita (Eng Sub)

Now then, let’s move on. The next question is this. 「Actually…, _______ is scary.」 – Actually…, _______ is scary.
「Actually…, _______ is scary.」 「Actually…, _______ is scary.」 …is the question. Who is this?
「Actually…, _______ is scary.」 「Actually…, _______ is scary.」 “Actually…, _______ is scary.” is the question.
「Actually…, _______ is scary.」 – Who could that be?
「Actually…, _______ is scary.」 – Yes? – In this scenario, does anyone know? – I seriously can’t figure it out. – Everyone said it though. – Please raise your hand if you have an idea. – I thought… it would be Soma-kun? – Huh?
– But he’s a first-year. – I’m just a first-year.
– Is that so, that first-years can’t… – Yes! It’s me! (everyone’s asking “Who? Who’s that?”)
「Ennoshita Chikara
cv. Masuda Toshiki」 Everyone, it’s nice to meet you! – Who are you?! I’m Ennoshita Chikara’s actor, Masuda Toshiki.
「Ennoshita Chikara (role)
Masuda Toshiki」 – Excuse me?
– Eh?
「Ennoshita Chikara (role)
Masuda Toshiki」 Ennoshita! Ennoshita! – Shut up, shut up.
Ennoshita! – If that’s how he’s going to be…
– Ennoshita! Yay– Audience: Ennoshita! – Shut up! – It’s Masuda Toshiki~
Please give him a warm round of applause.
– Suga-san! Thank you! Well~ sorry about that. Hello everyone. – Masuda-kun, there’s no seat for you. – Eh, there isn’t? – Ah! In such a place…! – Ah, there’s suddenly a seat! – It’s fine. I’m totally okay with standing. – But the camera can’t remain in that position. – Ah, it’s fine. It’s fine as long as you can hear my voice… – You’re starting to annoy me. Hurry up and sit down. – Please come here and have a seat. – You’re acting like a comedian. – Thank you very much. – You’re acting too polite. – Not at all. After all, I am Ennoshita Chikara. – How does it feel to be this time’s surprise guest? – I’m so sorry everyone. I’m sorry for not being Kiyoko-san. I’m Ennoshita. – Are you always this energetic, Ennoshita? – I’m not, but right now,
I’m Masuda Toshiki rather than Ennoshita. I want to fire up the mood. – We’re already fired up! We’re already fired up over here. – But I feel like whenever there’s a topic,
there is stalling or ‘no comments’. To me, it looks like only one person is answering. – Have any comments about that, Uchiyama-san? – You’re being pretty noisy. – Uchiyama-san, I didn’t mean you!
You guys have it wrong! I was talking about the left side. – For Yoshimasa-kun, it can’t be helped. – For me, it can’t be helped.
– For Hosoya-kun, it can’t be helped. – Nothing can be done.
– It can’t be helped. – There’s no helping Hosoya-kun. It’s not going to end. – That’s right!
It’s not going to end. – That’s the kind of role I have. – It must be nice to be the ace. I sure am jealous! – Hey, this is your upperclassman, your upperclassman! – That’s right.
– Hey, this is your upperclassman, your upperclassman! – Ah, you’re right! Senpai, I’m so sorry… – Quit that. – I’m your senpai. – I’m so sorry. – Hurry up and sit down. – Stop that, just sit down. – Everyone sure is being active for the opening. [Staff plays an “ending” sound]
– Everyone sure is being active for the opening. [Staff plays an “ending” sound]
Eh? – Ennoshita’s talk ends now. – We’re doing “My Interpretation is ____,
But Actually… It’s This.” – Eh? “But Actually… It’s This?” – Just that! Only comment on that! – Scary? Oh, how scary. – Eh? – What the heck is with this atmosphere? – You didn’t say to not use one-word answers! Well, Ennoshita is aware of his relationships. He’s respectful to the upperclassmen
and very kind to the underclassmen – the first-years. Unlike the manga, the anime hasn’t
shown that much of the story. As for the second-years,
Ennoshita’s much more strict to them. It almost gets to his head. Watching him, it’s like some dark feelings
have suddenly awakened. I love that part about him. – Are you dark? – Me? I’m very dark. – He may be complicated,
but Ennoshita-kun isn’t a bad person. – What about yourself, Masuda? – I’m dark-
[Staff plays *GONG* noise] [Staff plays *GONG* noise] – Masuda, hurry up and finish. – Okay, let’s move onto the next part. – I wasn’t finished with that! – Even after this, Masuda-san
will participating in the next segment. – Is that really okay? – I’m very sorry,
but we have to end here because of the bell. And with that, that’s the end of
“My Interpretation is ____, But Actually… It’s This.”

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  1. Oh my god! I somehow kept my word about returning in September – it's a miracle! ✨✨✨

    Seriously though, I'm so glad to be back. While vacation was very relaxing, university has been brutal. I've got very little time to sub because I only have one free night a week 😣
    Still, even though videos are definitely not going to be a weekly thing anymore, I'll continue to do my best in order to get stuff out! Thanks for watching! 💞

  2. thank you so much for your hard-work! i love haikyuu and watching SUBBED videos where i can actually understand what they are saying makes my day!!!

  3. 😤😤😤😎 You're back!!! aaaaa i had a mini heart attack when i got a notification from you! hope uni's been nice to you 😉 lololol anw ennoshita' VA is so energetic and cute i think i might fall for him ^^ what a cutie!

  4. look who's baaaccck! ahaha thanks for the subs, always. it's always surprising how seiyuus and their characters are very different but when they act it suits their characters' personalities so much???? lol idk how to explain it. btw did you watch the season 3 trailer? because:') good luck in university!

  5. I finally got a chance to watch this! haha so worth the wait! Thank you for the subbing!! <3 Bless your heart, I have no idea how you keep up with some much chatting and all at once!!

  6. I only realized just now that I wasn't subscribed to you yet. Immediately corrected that mistake 😉

    Thank you for uploading this, I really like it!

  7. LMAO at Masuda-san being so energetic 😂 meanwhile in his other seiyuu events.. he'll be like all cool and suave 😘

  8. Ennoshita and tsukishima are my favorite haikyuu boys and now their voice actors are my real life favorite boys. They're so freaking cute I wanna squeeze them!!!!

  9. I hope they will show more scenes about the 2nd years… Especially the light brown haired guy and the other bald (forgot their names😂). The lightbrown haired guy didnt get to play in official matches from s1-s3, i feel sorry for him😂😞


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