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If I pass the ball, you catch the ball with one step. And it’s a drill that shooting after two extra one-steps. Be careful not to release 1-2 step, and both feet should land on the floor at the same time. This is not the position of the ball before shooting. The ball has to go up here like this. I hold my left foot like this when the ball is in my right hand. It’s a quick 1-2 step + dribble, and it’s a drill that quick catch and shot. You should catch the ball as soon as possible. If you dribbled with your right hand, you should catch the ball from the right and connect the shot. A faster ball catch! That’s right! Punch, stop, and then drop. 1-2 step after the punch dribble should not be high-positioned. After punching, the position should be lowered to allow drive-in motion to occur. Apply weight to push the floor with an inside foot. Lower your upper body! The next move is the step-back after the punch cross. Similarly, momentary spacing should be created here with step-back motion using an impact inside foot. Not every move connects quickly.
There should be a momentary pause to confirm defense action after punch cross. The finish move must go away from the defense! Shoulder and eyes don’t go in the direction of the dribble after the punch cross. You have to pause for a moment, looking at Rim after the dribble, and then connect the step-back so that you can shot at any time according to the defender’s action. Similarly, this action should have a slight pause after the punch. And the most important point is that the foot should not be directed at the defender when playing leg-thru. Assuming Defense is in front of me, Punch dribble and leg-through with the step toward the side of the defender. That’s right! But it’s better if you move your eyes and body direction together. Connect the cross dribble with an impact turn and do the next move. Make the shot motion quickly during drive-in. Again! Make a turn and your feet are headed to the rim! And not separate step and cross dribble, but at the same time two movement should be connected. By changing steps and dribble rhythms, shot motion can be applied in various ways. After the cross dribble, when he didn’t own the ball, Look at Rim and do shooting motion through fast one-step, As the drop, it is important to quickly switch the drive-in motion. Next up is a tight defense situation. In this case, you can use your step to create space. As soon as you make a body contact with a defender, make spacing again with a slide step.
and quickly connect leg-through & step-back. It’s important that this step comes in fast towards Rim! Again! What’s wrong with this step? Don’t stop timing and quickly connect the step and dribble! After the side dribble, the outside foot came out.
That is, after the drop motion, you have to do leg-thru. Wait! And just because you learned how to play, you shouldn’t decide to do this. During the slide move, check the defensive response and perform the following action. You can’t cross when the defense is here! Right? Then you can just drive in.
Look at the situation! It’s not a slow step and dribble. You have to hit the floor with this step. After the behind-the-back dribble quick stop, we pull this step back. Use this quick stop step well, The step-back can be used to create spacing from the defender. That’s right! It’s not giving a drive-in action immediately, but connecting a light step with a drive-in step quickly. Yes! But your upper body is too high! You have to lower your upper body until you shoot! After the behind the back dribble, you don’t hold the ball in the waist position. Control the ball that bounding from the floor and connect it with a shot! Good!

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