Disruptor 1: Slim J vs. CB Suave [FULL MATCH]

this is going to be exciting ladies and
gentlemen your next wish this thing was actually out into a for one fall and it
is for the disruptor pro eastern seaboard championship you referee is
tristan Michaels okay I’m going to drown myself you can try this at home you can
be just like me unfortunately I was unfortunately I was informed just now
that vandal or taken was not able to make this event
so therefore introducing your opponent making his way to me
coming up later torture see these swabbing where himself this for the disruptor pro
eastern seaboard championship you can see that beautiful title they’re being
held by Tristan Michaels didn’t get a lot of chance to check to find out
what’s going on with CV suave and the taped up ribs but no doubt an injury
coming into this one just to show you how important this eastern seaboard
championship is yeah taking this title shot last minute apparently and injured
against an opponent he knows where well he knows how fast swim Jake and her Chia
and how hard he comes action and that takes that takes a lot of moxie and a
lot of drive to pull that off see be suave has been quite a while since we’ve
seen him here in the landmark arena the usual tenants of this building landmark
arena Anarchy Wrestling CB suave well established their former anarchy
tag-team champion former Anarchy Television Champion but let me tell you
the pedigree of slim J just about every championship that’s ever been in this
building has been around the waist of slim Jack that is true not only the the
titles here he’s held titles all over the country I mean this guy know this is
his home that he goes anywhere for a fight they love him wherever he goes and
he has beaten and wrestled some of the best yea he’s competed for a Ring of
Honor as well as Impact Wrestling and all throughout the United States and you
see right here this is this is gonna be a match see these Swami’s a guy that I
know very very well at one point in time when I was managing I actually managed
CB suave very early on his career I saw something in this young man and then all
of a sudden it just blew up and almost like it blew up overnight because see be
suave himself has also competed in those places Impact Wrestling Ring of Honor
and right now you see slim J holding on to the arm and C be suave they trying to
find a way out yeah you’ve got a you’ve got a lot of talent in this ring a lot
of technical talent this ring but both of them can throw fists just as well I
mean you can take this and go steckler’s you want and one of them get mad next
thing you know we got a brawl in the ring this could go anywhere this this
match right here for the eastern seaboard championship through dis ruptor
Pro slim J was considered for that match because of his pedigree was brought into
this and said you know this is one of the guys yet well represents
professional wrestling on the eastern seaboard and is he right there
slim J’s the guy who can brawl with you like you said he can technical he can go
high-flying a big dropkick right there since suave outside the ring yeah when
the winning the talent team got together to decide who was going to be in this
inaugural match slim J’s name is one of the first ones put in the hat in it
lasted this guy when lose or draw you’re gonna get your money’s worth just in his
match it’s speaking of slim J seven days removed from a hostile environment on
pay-per-view where he took on Cory Hollis in what was called an ER da match
these two men were locked into a cell and they farted out until one man
couldn’t take it anymore slim jave icked aureus in that matchup
but it was very very brutal slim J lost a lot of blood you know amazing to see
him here seven days later up and up for the fight at both these guys definitely
not physically 100% but you could not tell that by watching the match so far
CB suave since the last time I see them all right they’re getting frustrated
slim J playing mind games would C be suave it’s been about two or three years
since I’ve seen C be suave come through the landmark arena and right there I
don’t know what got too suave he slim J tickled him I don’t know if that is a
you know his own move or he got that from somebody else but it worked it shot
C be right out of the ring yeah I mean that that’s something you know it
again it’s a mind game it’s playing with your opponent and a lot of times that’s
just as important as a good drop kick or a stiff right hook see be suave since
the times that I have you know I remember him being here has put on a
little bit more muscle mass I mean still lean but it’s put on some muscle mass
has developed the upper body has developed the arms and I think that
right there is something that’s helped to add to his arsenal I mean aside from
being a very good technical wrestler I remember sitting up late nights in the
dojos watching C be suave train while I was sitting there and just knowing that
one day this man right here was going to be a champion in the sport of
professional wrestling we definitely when you look at these two
guys you you’re looking at two guys that embody what it is to look and act like
professional wrestlers fans slim J right there was just driven onto the apron of
the Ring now that is without a doubt the hardest part of the Ring there is no mat
there there is nothing but wood in steel on that part of the Ring and that right
there can do a lot of irreparable damage if you’re slammed against it enough
times it definitely did enough here to shock the systems of slim James yeah
definitely CP is taking control but slim J go into those taped up ribs I
mean that’s one thing back in back in the olden days we knew you never take
something that was hurt because that was like a target on it right and I mean not
to not to harp on this but the one thing that surprises me is a CB actually
forgot something that I taught him and yeah I know it’s kind of hard to deceive
somebody with the ribs but I used to tell my guys if your right hands hurt
tape up your left throw your opponent off throw him off the sin of your injury
there’s no way here that he should be taped up I mean I know it helps to
relieve the pressure but all that is is just putting a big target on your back
oh and right there into the railing and that will damage
the ribs yes CB is definitely in a lot of pain he
was controlling the action but slim Jay has taken advantage of that injury and I
think you’re gonna see a lot more of that I think slim Jay being the ring
veteran that he is it’s definitely going to work on that lower back in those ribs
ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us here on disrupter a Pro
number one John John the body Johnson here with Clint eller in the ring right
now for the eastern seaboard championship you see slim J and C be
suave if you if for some reason you’ve missed a lot of this you’ve missed some
of the greatest action we’ve seen tag-team action here we’ve seen Joey
Bryan here I’ll never forget that we rise but still to come we have a huge
main event for you it is going to be the heathyr and Logan Creed taking on mr.
impact wrestling moose that’s in our main event later on here this evening
but right now CB suave in control of slim Jay short sidekick only a two-count
though and there you see rear chinlock putting the pressure on we talked about
the the matches that these men have faced in the past seven days we talked
about their travels and what they’ve done but it’s all landed right back here
at the Landmark arena disruptor Pro 1:00 eastern seaboard championship you see
slim J trying to fight out with Phyllis splash but missed did see
me suave nearly a three-count there went for the clothesline now that that’s the
thing looks slim train like I said seventeen plus your veteran of the sport
but right now those kicks the shins and one to the chin doesn’t matter how much
experience you have those all hurt the same yes they do
stomp on the foot a kick to the knee that’ll stop the biggest or the smallest
guy CB is definitely fighting smart right now right now you see C be suave
is actually very wisely using this time here to try to get some breath bag to
try to get some trim some flow back I mean the thing about it is when you hit
your ribs and you’ll know this if you have a cold and you have a cost you can
pull a rib it’s so hard to breathe and right now trying to get that breath back
trying to get that adrenaline pumping also to kind of block out the pain
put the crowd here in the landmark arenas behind slim Jack that is true
they’re always going to be behind slim I mean this is his home right here and I
know he’s excited to be in this match for the disrupter pros first seaboard
championship match I think a lot more to come I think definitely with what we’ve
seen tonight we definitely are gonna see some more disrupter Pro yeah the fans
here in the landmark arena have been behind this match and behind this event
all night long as disruptor Pro has brought you some of the best in
professional wrestling from all across the globe you can find out more on
destructor Pro by following us on social media you’ll find us on Facebook and may
the stars that you’ve seen here tonight too you can also follow on Facebook and
Twitter and many of their promotions much like the gracious host here in the
landmark arena Anarchy Wrestling do you follow them on social media you can
follow osw a who is been so gracious as well with a blood the talent that has
come here to disruptor pro but more importantly disrupter pro could be
coming to an area near you you don’t want to miss that that’s right you don’t
want to miss this they are bringing in the best of the local guys
and the best of the national and worldwide challenges every slim J just
hit a patented one-eight-seven kick he was able to springboard off the ropes
and hit that and right now you see the crowd getting here behind him and slim J
like we’ve seen for many years here in this building is back up to his feet and
he has that look in his eye and he’s going to do some damage as the dust
flies from both men from the impact of those clotheslines
he has worked up the crowds behind him they know they can feel it
this could be the beginning of the end right now right there wet full of
screwdriver on the rocks that could be it I don’t know where CB came up with
the with the guts to kick out of that but man that was close I can tell you it
was back in 2012 hostile environment have been held here in the landmark
arena I know how hard Slim Jay can hit because
I was hit by slim J then so I can tell you right now all but the elbow caught
slim J right in the nose see me suave trying to use those kicks
almost like bicycle kicks and a drop kick going to take down slim tighten
this could be all she wrote both these men trying to edge their name in the
record books trying to make sure their name is marked in history as the first
ever disrupted Pro eastern seaboard champion that is how important this
title is to both of these men it’s always good to be something but when
you’re the first you’re the most memorable that is so true and they are
giving it all they are leaving nothing in the ring you go back and you think
about the first ever Super Bowl champions in the NFL it was the Green
Bay Packers today that trophy carries the name Lombardi because Vince Lombardi
was the coach of the first Super Bowl champions tonight one of these two men
are going to be the first ever disrupter Pro eastern seaboard champion and it’s
their name in history as well Oh hit the soup legs and now has them
locked in that guillotine as I’m locked in that guillotine hold
that’s a hard spot to be in I don’t know where CB is going to get the strength to
get out of this he has got it locked in and that is not something that’s easy to
get on on when you’re not worn out busted ribs and been in a 15-minute
battle slim Jay has crossed the ankles referee Tristan Michaels is right there
looking for the submission there could be serious injury in here as the crowd
you can hear them yelling for the temp but see be suave he’s not going to have
any of it look at the power of this man look at the powers he fought out of the
guillotine choke a huge knee just caught slim J right there jumping DDT that
could be it right there we could know only a two-count Wow says referee
Tristan Michaels you can see the frustration in seabees face right now
he’s thinking what is he gonna have to do to put slim J away unorthodox
pumphandle suplex there via CB suave and that didn’t even do the trick both these men have been giving it their
all here in the rain both these men have been fighting fighting for the eastern
seaboard championship and right now see be suave I don’t know what he’s is he
going down to his tights kind of a bold move to be going down your tights right
there in front of the referee he sees he’s got something on his hands what
wait a minute wrist and Michael’s caught him takes it away
referee Tristan Michaels oh but wait a minute he had something out
he had something else here women slim J got called with something but he was
able to get his foot on the ropes and I don’t think I don’t think CV notices yet
see me didn’t know the foot was on the ropes
slim J was hit with an object while Tristan Michaels was passing the first
object out to Jonathan Feltner at ringside and right now both these men
they’re spent here in the center of the Ring
but one of them is going to emerge victorious who wants it the most who
wants to be the first ever eastern seaboard champion indestructible on that
shirts out the chops had no effect and now the wild hands of slim J will zero
in and now goes to the top got on with that Impaler for the top but
that’s it you’re a winner of the mesh and disrupter prove eastern seaboard
champion slim J have just seen history thing history has been made here in the
landmark arena as slim chain walks out at the first ever eastern seaboard
give him four disrupter flow and it happened in his house it happened in the
landmark arena and it happened right here in Cornelia story
yes it did and how exciting both of those men deserve applause both of those
all in the they left at all the ringing folks we’re about to leave it all the
way because it is main event time coming up next we are going to have the
Lutheran Logan breed take it on bit slurring bag rustling booze that’s gonna
be right here

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