Diet To Lose Weight For Men

Diet To Lose Weight For Men. If you want your gallant to look better than
ever, we recommend this Diet To Lose Weight For Men, remember, persistence will be the
key. For those occasions when you need to lose
a few kilos and reduce sizes in a short time, we leave you with an example of a five-day
diet menu for men. Do it one week and rest another, without exceeding
in between. The results will be positive if you are constant. Day 1
Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs with two handfuls of spinach
(cooked at the same time). 1 apple.
A cup of tea. Lunch Salad with hummus.
An Apple. Snack A handful of nuts.
Water. Dinner A grilled steak, with garlic and/or ginger,
accompanied by sauteed vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach. Day 2
Breakfast 115 grams of smoked salmon.
Tea or coffee. Lunch A grilled chicken breast, accompanied by sauteed
vegetables or a vegetable salad. 1 pear Snack 1 packet of popcorn
A bottle of water Dinner 115 grams of turkey ham, accompanied by two
handfuls of steamed lettuce, spinach, and garlic. Day 3
Breakfast A bowl of quinoa with cinnamon and fruits.
Tea. Lunch Tomato, onion and olives salad.
An apple. Snack A bowl of beans.
A bottle of water. Dinner 170 grams of stir-fried tuna with onion, tomato,
pepper, and salt. Day 4
Breakfast A salad.
Green Tea. An apple. Lunch 500 grams of corn cream, with two tablespoons
of amaranth. Green Tea. Snack A cereal bar.
A bottle of water. Dinner A piece of roasted chicken with cabbage, Mexican
yam bean and a plate of lentils. Day 5
Breakfast 2 roasted apples and a Greek yogurt.
Green tea or coffee Lunch 115 grams of red meat with salad.
An apple. Snack Almonds
Water Dinner Zucchini with baked ham. Learn “How To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence
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