Bowling Basics : How to Warm Up for Bowling

Hi my name is Jim DeYoung. I’m here with Fat
Cats Family Bowling Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can see us on the web,
I’m here on behalf of Right now we are going to go over some stretches
and some exercises to get you ready and warmed up for bowling. The first thing I would like
to do is I like to get my shoulders loose. So sometimes if you hold anything sometimes
a bowling ball, the ball that you’re going to use. You can just swing it back and forward
warm up your arm a little bit. What this will do is it will get your shoulder going so you
don’t wind up tearing anything or ripping anything. So, after a little bit of this I’ll
switch off and I’ll go to a full circle with my bowling ball. Basically this a good exercise for your rotator
cuff and for your joint. Alright and after that I like to switch over to a good arm stretch.
Grab your hands behind your back. Stretch down and pull up. What that will do is stretch
your biceps a little bit. Add a little more tension to your arms so it will stretch out
those muscles so you don’t tear anything or rip anything. Alright and after I do that
I just like to get used to the approach really quick with my bowling shoes. I’m wearing a
pair of Dexter SST5’s. So what I will do is I’ll just line up anywhere and then I will
test the approach. That gives me a good idea on how slick the approaches are. If I need
to change pads on the bottom of my shoe or if I need to grab a brush and take off some
of the top surface on the pads. So I am going to do it again just to get used to it. So basically now you’re ready to practice
and throw a ball.

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