BEST Standing Arms Workout! 10 min BURN & TONING (No Equipment, Perfect For Beginners) ◆ Emi ◆

I’ve gotten quite a few requests from you guys for standing arms workout, especially after you guys did my 30 minutes full body standing workout You guys liked it so much many of you want a whole standing arms workout dedicated to burn this and this right here I listen to your requests. So here we go a 10-minute standing arms workout And don’t worry if you’re a beginner and you cannot do a push-up because this is actually perfect for you Some of these exercises might look a bit funny at first sight but they really work which is why I love them so much and you can definitely do this workout on a daily basis and if you’re Ready? Let’s go All right guys, let’s get into it first we’re warming up with arm circle looks easy but if you have done it with me before you and know it burns way more than you think and then it’s one of the Best warm-up to get our arms ready for the rest of the fat burner exercises in this workout Feet hip-width apart stand up tall arms straight out to the side Rotate them in small circles to the front for 22 seconds And then we’ll switch to rotate to the back as you can see here. I’m rotating my whole arms So make sure you’re not just moving your hands or forearms so that you walk your shoulders and upper arms as well we’re not dropping Let’s start strong on this first exercise the more you rotate your arms the more burn you will feel Second exercise is diagonal chop a super fun one and definitely my favorite one Hands together Fingers laced swing your arms up until they reach the top of your right shoulder then work your arms and chop down to the left This is one rep alternate between sides for 45 seconds it’s called a chop because it’s as if you’re chopping a piece of wood and your hands are the axe the harder you chop the more burn you get we’re not here to slack and waste our time. So put in the work and make this exercise count Good work guys third is up-and-down fly. There’s a similar to our circle, but the burn is going to be more intense. So get ready Arms raise up parallel to the floor extend it straight out then lift them up and down as if they’re your wings in your flying Keep flying. Keep moving the hold of your arms. If you’re feeling the burn you’re doing it right fly harder and put in more force This is not as easy as it looks I know but we want the burn it’s the reason we are here so enjoy it We’re getting closer to our goals Keep going guys only ten seconds to go get it done No pain no gain guys, let’s move on to the next one wall pushup. Don’t worry If you cannot do a regular push-up you can definitely do this as you can adjust the level of difficulty according to how far your feet stand from the wall Hands on the wall in front of your shoulders arms straight supporting your body while you walk your feet a few steps back. bend your elbow so your body leans forward to the wall Remember to keep your elbows tucked close to your body head to toe in one straight lines engaging your core Push yourself back up to starting position Repeat for 45 seconds the further you walk back the harder It is the closer you walk your feet back in towards the wall the easier It will be I challenge you to walk one more step back and really maximize the burn your arms get in this workout You’re also working your abs to keep your body straight make every second count Four down six to go fifth is lateral raise Stand up tall feet shoulder-width apart hands in fists rotating your wrists in Hold them tight then work your arms to lift them to the side until they’re above parallel as you shrug your shoulders up then release Them back down here. We’re doing it in a controlled motion. It will give you more burn than doing it fast Put in max power every time you lift your arms and shoulders up. The burn is real keep breathing. We’re almost halfway through You did amazing so far six is jog and punch to add in a little bit of cardio as you focus on the burn in the arms Jump lightly with your feet and hands in fists at the front for every two steps punch one arm out and Alternate between size for 45 seconds the faster you jog the harder You punch the more fat you’re burning and the more burn you get in your arms Push it remember the amount of what you put in determines the results you get from this workout focus on your goal You’re so much stronger than you think Great job seven is snow angel. It sounds cute and beautiful looks pretty easy, too But just wait and see the burn is coming your way very soon arms straight by your side lift them up slowly together until they reach above your head and clap then lower them back down also slowly and in a controlled motion the key here is to do it slow. And this is how you get the burn So don’t rush it take your time, but don’t stop keep going Slow doesn’t mean resting or passing you got to keep moving for this to work Oh my god Only three more minutes left eighth a single arm wall push This is just like wall pushup, but with one arm this time and it works so well for our arms chest and abs Engage your core and extend one arm out onto the wall because this is pretty hard You can step your feet closer to the wall You can see that I’m almost ending straight here tightening your abs slowly lower your chest towards the wall Once your chest almost touches the wall work the arms to push yourself back up to starting position switch side after 22 seconds We’re almost done with this whole workout. So this is not the time to quit or get lazy We made a commitment to ourselves to finish this workout today. So let’s do it eight done moving on to our ninth exercise ring the bell and not the fun one that I love to begin stand up tall Holding your hands together in a fist lift them behind your head bending your elbows Then extend your arms straight to hit the spot directly above your head as if there’s an imaginary bell there We’re hitting the bell as hard as we can now slowly lower our hands behind our head again repeat for 45 seconds Just like the name we’re giving our all to ring the bell to get the most out of this exercise The more burn you feel the better All right, we’re finally on to a final exercise wing fly Some of you have done this together with me before it’s no joke definitely intense, which is why I’m putting it at the end So you don’t quit on me halfway Feet wider than shoulder-width apart, then your upper body down to almost parallel to the floor But back with a slight bend in your knees back flat have your arms extend up straight out to the back palm facing down Squeeze your upper back and shoulder blades together as you lift your arms up as high as you can You’re feeling it in your back shoulders and arms everywhere in your upper body. Feel sore. Well, congratulations You’re doing it right. Don’t think too much. Just keep lifting your arms. You might be cursing me now, but you’ll thank me. Later I promise Almost there. Give me a few more reps last five reps And we’re done hope you guys like this workout Remember to Like comment and subscribe and turn on post notifications so that you never miss another workout You

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  1. Anyone tried these workouts . M gonna start so i d be glad if anyone posts some positive updates here

  2. How much time will it take to lose fat arms well according to my body fat I think about 80% fat is in my arms so yeah I really want to lose it so can you plz tell me how Much time it will take me to lose it if I do this exercise everyday. I want to lose it in two weeks as possible if can do can u make an other Video with even more intense exercise for quick arm weight lose plzzzz

  3. i love you Emi.. you definitely changed the shape of my waist and my saggy arms ahaha <3 sending love from italy =*

  4. Please share your experience in this workout ,is it effective?tnx in advance to the one who is going to answer it❤💞

  5. Doing arm circles like a champ, and then realising it hasn't even started yet, I'm doing it before the 45 sec! Damn I wasted some of my budget 'i can do this' attitude >.<

  6. I wanted to know if this exercise makes u develop muscle in your upper arm(making it bulky) or only lose the flabby part beneath the upper arm since every other upper arm excercises ive done only made my arms bulky without lose the flabby fat

  7. I just did this with weights of 2 kg IT WAS SO PAINFUL especially the last !!!! IT KILLED ME ! BUTTT I LOVED ITTTT AND THE WORKOUT AND THE BURNNNNN it makes me feel so good that it's actually workingggg!


    DAY 1: my arms hurted but it was nice
    DAY2: Done! Of course my arms hurted haha

  9. Okay! Slimmer arms here we go!
    I danced around to get my mind off the sore and burn in my arms.
    Before: 14 inches

    Day 1: didn't finish the work out, since I already had one with the other video haha
    Day 2: Omg!! I finished all of it, without slacking. Never dropped my arm.
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  10. I really love and enjoy doing your kind of workouts!😍 I can now workout at home even with a 3 month old baby.🤗 Much love!😘💙

  11. Finished the first day
    Gotta keep this update
    Day 1 – It's kinda hard but I did all the exercise and I'm sweating
    Day 2 – Finished, still hard but I find it a bit easier than yesterday, but my arms are hurting so bad(bcs of Day 1 I guess)
    Day 3 – I did all the exercises without finding any difficulties, I don't know if there's much changes but I believe there's some changes on my back shoulders and arms
    Day 4 – I did it again
    Day 5 – It's getting easier

  12. I actually did you 30 minute arm workout yesterday and now I saw this and suddenly I realize I suffer a lot lol. But thank you so much for this video. I really need this because I need to lose my armfats because I will be celebrating my debut soon. 💕

  13. I actually did you 30 minute arm workout yesterday and now I saw this and suddenly I realize I suffer a lot lol. But thank you so much for this video. I really need this because I need to lose my armfats because I will be celebrating my debut soon. 💕

  14. Needed this… my foot is injured so why not work on my arms instead? 😀😊 Oh, the burn I'll feel tomorrow will kill me! 😂

  15. The best part about this is that I dont have to watch. The explanations truly helps me imagine how to work out properly. Great motivation!!! Thank you Emi!

  16. Im new here just few days ago.:)
    and its my day 1 to try this.Omg i made it. its like my arms are burning and when im waiting for the timer to stop and im shouting "aaaaaah aaaahh " 😂😁
    it hurts, it burns haha
    i will come back tomorrow

    Im happy i found your channel Emi
    i love your videos

  17. emi can you make one only for your stomach special because its hardto find only stomach workouts on youtube

  18. day 1. 17 june ( 31 cm )
    day 2. 18 june
    day 3 19 june
    day 4 21 june ( stronger, i can do Snow Angel without cursing )
    day 5 30 june ( stronger, so i did it for 2 sets )
    Just realized that my armpits fats also get burned
    day 6 2 july
    day 7 4 july ( 29 cm )
    in 7 days not really rutine , i lost 2 cm

  19. Here is a little tip! :
    If you find this work out a little easy, just take one normal water bottle in each hand and i swear it WILL burn your arms off!!

  20. Going to do it twice a day for one month!
    Before: 27cm in both arms. (10.6 inches)
    Updates below!

    Day 1: Done. Tired but not that hard.
    Day 2: Done. Arms are sore from yesterday, but still managed to finish it.
    Day 3: Done. Today was the first day that I did two times in a row. The previous days I splitted it into morning and night. Definitely prefer doing it all at once so that I don’t have to suffer twice 😂. Nothing changed yet.
    Day 4: Done. Exercises are getting easier. My arms aren’t as sore as the first day. Definitely feeling more strength in my arms and little (just a little bit) toned
    Day 5: Done. I don’t know why I struggled today but still finished it!
    Day 6: Done. I'm adding weights of 2kg on each arm for the last exercise so that it burns more.
    Day 7: Done. Still nothing changed yet
    Day 8: Done.
    Day 9: Done! Feeling a little bit more stronger now
    Day 10: Done. Little update, my arms are now 26.5cm. I´m going to keep doing this. THIS WORKSS!
    Day 11: Done!
    Day 12: Done!
    Day 13: 30
    Day 14: 1
    Day 15: 2
    Day 16: 3
    Day 17: 4

  21. I am going to do this for 3 weeks.

    Day 1. It was a little hard but I still did everything.
    Day 2: I skipped/I got my period😑😓
    Day 3; I skipped😓
    Day 4: I did it today and it felt a little harder

  22. I'm glad I found this video. I've been trying following a workout that requires me to use the floor but I failed it many times because my back hurts (I have a back pain when I was teenager). Thank you so much 🙂

  23. While Emi might say some of her exercises look funny, your body will be crying the next day. 😂 😭 💪🏻

  24. Less than a week doing this workout and my arms are already toned! (Doing this with 1kg dumbbells, the whole workout so 😜) My right elbow's been hurting for 3 days now tho 😂😅 i need to let this rest

  25. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  26. Thanks so much for this! I have arthritis so I can’t do the typical workouts that target my arms like lifting heavy weights, doing push ups, curl ups, etc. this really helps!

  27. Im planning to do this for a month. I’ll keep you updated!

    Day 1: Done. Did not miss any exercise but had to stop for like a second or two in 2 exercises. Slightly feeling the burn since I just finished the excises just now. I’ll update you the level of burn before going to bed.

  28. Thank you for this workout. I still do it and really like it, bc my arms don’t get super muscular which I don’t like, but they got nicely toned ✌️👊🔥could you maybe give an estimate how much calories it burns

  29. so when i first tried to wall push ups i couldnt do them
    like 20 mins later after watching and doing the thigh workout i was able to do them without my arms hurting lol

  30. I Have been doing it for 6days(2 times).
    i really feel the burn and i will update after 1Month.

    EDIT: I lost 2kgs and 2 inches. I was also doing the leg exercises and planks. My diet was normal, Low carbs with2 cheat days.

  31. Snow angel and wing fly looked deceptively easy, but 15 seconds in to both of them taught me to not underestimate easy looking workouts lol. Thanks for this workout Emi! I'm following your workout calendar and I'm done with day 5 🙂

  32. I have difficulty to find LISS workout that looks like emi wong kind of exercise. Wasted my 15mins searching in youtube. Finally, I am back to Emi wong. And here this video, I took it as my LiSs workout.
    My arms so sore and so good at the same time. Thanks Emi 😘😘😘

  33. Thank you Emi! My 10minutes were not wasted. I’ll do my best to do this everyday! Please send me some motivation! God bless!

  34. Can someone actually plzzz tell if this works or not??? Plz don't say u r going to update it because nobody actually does.

  35. I just finished week one(7 days of exercise) of the arms workout, each time I feel like they would fall off but honestly it got easier the last two days.
    First day: my form was off for about 3 exercises, took longer breaks at the end managed to finish the workout.
    Day two: slightly better form than day one.
    Day three: I decided to listen carefully to her notes on the form of each exercise I got better at the last one and this time actually I felt the burn 🔥with wing fly.
    Day four: I had a long day and no motivation to do anything so I skipped it.
    Day five: I actually felt more motivated to try to make the max out of the exercise I sweated and I felt the burn and I did not take any extra breaks!
    Day six: a bit easier than day five.
    Day seven: I still struggle a bit with wall push ups since I dont feel like I figured the right form yet.
    For physical changes, it is not anything drastic tbh. However, my arms are less flappy.
    Day eight: I put this routine as the last exercise for the day and my arms almost fell off, what's tricky about some days it felt too easy and other days it feels like hell torched in your armpits.
    Disclaimer: I am on a 1200 calorie diet, with 3 liters of water and other exercises as well.

  36. I’m going to do this for 2 weeks
    Day 1 : done. I don’t really feel the burn but it probably because I didn’t do it right since its my first time doing it

  37. I see some people wanting to see if it works so I guess I will upload everyday
    Day 1 – it was easier than I expected
    Day 2 – kinda sore
    Day 3 – my arms feel really sore and heavy but I see some progression

  38. Hi emi.I lost a couple of kgs by using your workout routines.Can you please create a no sweat workout.I know it sounds weird.But it's really hard to go to work with greasy hair everyday. Please suggest some.Thank you.❤️

  39. I am actually doing this arm workout and today is my 4th day. Thanks for this Emi! It's literally a great burn! I do this 2-3 times a day. I changed the jog & punch to punch only since I am not allowed to jog cuz I have herniated disc and currently healing. Thanks you so much again emi!

  40. Wow why did I just discover this now? Gonna try tomorrow in my office! My arms are big & ugly asf I hope these workouts will help to slim them down!

  41. I'm used to having weights (gym) but whenever my class load gets too overwhelming and I can't go I always come to Emi's channel. I feel like she keeps me generally very in shape and usually is a really big help on toning my stomach area. I love this one in particular, I don't have to have weights to do it but I'm not neglecting my arms either! Love it

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