Abraham Hicks: How to lose weight fast! Now!

ah food I love food and I wish that I
could get my metabolism to function at the speed in which it would process this
food you can you can and I would be 20 pounds 50 pounds 60 pounds lighter how’s
the lever I have a problem getting there well no one can all of a sudden approach
a subject in an entirely different way it’s why we say leave the specifics
behind and go more general you gave us a lot of specifics in other words you told
us how much you like food and you made it very clear what you believe about it
and you let us know that your you kept changing your mind about how how much
you’d like to lose but but it got more and more specific and more and more real
about what you’re really talking about and so there’s there’s a lot of specific
vibration that’s going on there that is holding you in other words when you want
something and believe it there’s no vibrational variance and it
is but when you want something and you believe other than that then there’s a
vibrational variance which is at the heart of the metabolism that you’re
talking about so when you go general you you could go general on a subject we’ll
show you how to do this and a little bit we want to lay a groundwork here so everything is vibrational do you can you
accept that at least conceptually oh whatever and all your questions pointed
to the fact that you understand that and do you accept that what you see with
your eyes is a vibrational interpretation what you hear with your
ears is a vibrational interpretation your fingertips are interpreting
vibration your nose is your tastebuds are there is your interpreting vibration
every part of your being is a vibrational being every the cells of
your body are vibrational food is vibrational when you do you accept that things go
well for you on most subjects when you’re tuned in tapped in turned on to
who you are yes do you believe that your source has an opinion about everything
that you’re focused upon yes do you believe that when you are angry at
someone that you’re having a vibrational disagreement with source I’m beginning
to understand it doesn’t it resonate with you can’tyou and and don’t you
haven’t you shown yourself that a little bit of appreciation will
just cover you with goosebumps in other words you can be appreciating a total
stranger and feel your source resonating or your allowance of you’re resonating
with source so so let’s go back there again
because you said you’re beginning to feel that do you believe the have you
shown yourself that when you are loving someone you can feel your agreement with
your inner beings perspective much better so when you find fault with
yourself or with another can you feel the discord that you have accomplished
eventually but in the beginning it feels pretty good well what what feels good
well the fact that it’s their fault see it’s much better than Martha so you’re
telling us that blame feels better than guilt in the beginning but our question
is does guilt feel better than alignment no not even close so in the beginning it
feels better because because them being the problem is better in your mind and
you being the problem but the problem is is a far cry from the love and
appreciation that the source within you is reaching for in any moment in time
so we’ve established that your emotions let you know your alignment with source
and we think that you’re ready to say that anything that you might be doing in
conjunction with source would therefore have to be beneficial to you would you
can you go that far that if you are in alignment with so
and source is standing in alignment with everything that you’ve been asking for
then isn’t it logical that if you are feeling good and therefore in alignment
with source that things must be turning out the way you want them to isn’t that
perfect isn’t that perfect reasoning absolutely so when you are eating
something and feeling guilty what does that tell you about your relationship
with source I’m out of alignment and make it more specific source does not
agree with this thing that I’m that I’ve decided I’ve decided that I shouldn’t be
doing this I’ve decided I’m in offering inappropriate behavior I’m deciding that
I’m focused upon results that I don’t want and an associating that with this
behavior and the source within me is not doing that that does that mean the
source is saying we want you to eat the Twinkie do you think this is source do
you think this is source saying we are in complete agreement with or isn’t
source saying that your thoughts are hindering the outcome that you’re
reaching for that’s what it’s saying you’re those thoughts are are not
helping you so what’s the logical thing that you then want to do better let us
ask you a better question what is the manifestation that you are wanting to
accomplish right here this red hot minute are you wanting a vision about
the perfect food to eat or are you wanting positive emotion in this moment
yes exactly so if your desire is to find positive emotion in this moment if
that’s your dominant intention and you’ve been practicing it then just play
with it a little bit in other words so at first let’s say that you want to feel
the full resonance of your source within you while you eat this thing that you
believe is wrong and and now your intention is to feel the full resonance
of source within you while you eat this thing that you believe is wrong and you
just can’t pick it up and eat it and feel the full resonance of your inner
being and now you’re faced with a choice what do I want more to eat this or to
feel the full resin the source within me stay with us it’s
going to have a happy ending because you think what we’re saying is give up the
Twinkie for source we that’s what you’re thinking but it isn’t what we’re saying
we’re saying we’re saying let your resonance with source b-mart matters
most and if it matters most you’ll find yourself being able to just let that we
promise you in a little bit of time you’ll be able to do that but it gets
better and better because what happens is as you find resonance with source as
you find resonance with source as you find resonance with source first of all
you’ll be inspired about what T but you’ll reach the place where your
resonances source your resonance with source is not at risk no matter what you
eat and when you discovered that your alignment with source is not at risk no
matter what behavior you’re offering not only will your behavior morph into
things that are more pleasing for you all around but you’ll discover that
there are a lot of things that you believe are inappropriate that that at
many levels of your being you still want to participate in because there is
nothing in and of itself that’s inappropriate you see you’ll be guided
to the perfect behavior to the perfect circumstances and events to the perfect
there is so much that you’re doing with your food that keeps it from resonating
in perfection with your physical body that you will be inspired around you see
it’s hard for you to hear it and this is a perfect subject upon which to have
this discussion it’s hard for you to hear it but we’re going to say it anyway
that what you want even more than the satisfaction of that food is resonance
with source and then we’ll go further to say once you achieve this continual
resonance with source you’re going to find food to be delectable in ways that
you’ve never known it to be before because there’s a whole lot of people
eating a whole lot of food to try to compensate for the disconnection between
who they are and who they’re allowing themselves to be and once you get that
in place first so that you’re eating from the inside out so that you are
inspired to your behavior rather than trying to compensate for something
that’s missing Oh everything takes on a whole different
way that it feels within you you see and under those conditions you have such
perfect physical response to everything that you’re doing that it just feels
like you’re dancing with all kinds of partners even partners called food wet a
discussion a day or two ago even about how they and and it’s a good one to have
with you because you are so keen and aware on the idea of vibration how food
properties all have vibrations and when you meld together foods that have
similar vibrations the result of that food is much more satisfying not only in
terms of the way it feels to you as you ingest it in terms of the way it tastes
to you but also the benefit that it gives to your body but then there are
all kinds of things that vibrationally affect food microwaves vibrationally
alter food freezing food vibrationally alters at storing it past its past its
prime alters it in other words eating it green before it has had a chance to
ripen is a different vibration of food food is food our vibrational beings in
other words it’s it’s a whole lot of vibrational beingness you see that you
can’t be inspired to the perfect interaction with unless you are in
alignment with source first you see where a lot of people this is the
discussion we’ve been having all day today most people say I will offer this
behavior in order to affect this emotion which is the same thing as saying I will
offer this behavior in order to affect this vibration have you accepted that
that emotion is vibration so I will offer this behavior in order to affect
this vibration we say it’s backwards affect the vibration and then the
behavior is affected by the vibration vortex first vortex effects
manifestation so it’s possible and we know it’s hard to hear there are people
who’ve through their alignment can alter the vibrational frequency of food right
before they eat it and that’s why people begun in the first place to bless their
food in other words that’s what that blessing was all about to those who were
really understanding vibration it was about preparing their own vibrational
frequency in their own physical body and then asking what they were participating
in to join them in that frequency and food is very cooperative component
that’s why there are people who can eat the most outrageous things that you have
learned that they should not be thriving on and still thrive and it just
irritates you because you think you can only thrive under these limited
conditions but that’s because you have not eaten from the inside out well organic food as opposed to process
food better for you in the sense that there’s less for you to do about it in
other words the vibration of it is pure but that is not to say in other words as
we’re talking about vibration the more chemicals you add to anything then the
more resistance you are adding to it but we want to go back to the conversation
that we had earlier that these things are insignificant to one who’s in
alignment and there is it’s your alignment that matters and as you use
all of these things that you think are out of whack as your excuse to my 26
year old daughter behaves in a way that makes me feel bad so she needs to change
so that I can feel good it’s no different asking your daughter to be
different than Adele is asking your food to be different we want you to be
different and it affects everything that comes to you we’re not kidding you we’re
not kidding you so then someone wants to take it to a real extreme
alright Abraham so there’s this Clorox bleach are you saying that I can be so
in alignment that I could drink Clorox bleach and thrive and we say no but you
could be so in alignment you wouldn’t be stupid enough to drink Clorox so you get to you get to test the
boundaries in other words you get to test your boundaries and so and and but
but so that’s like saying well there’s all this stuff that I believe clogs
arteries and and adds weight and has all sorts of detrimental but I really like
the way it tastes so I want to eat it and we and we say if if you come into
complete alignment with who you are those things won’t even be something
that you’ll be reaching for because the satisfaction that you’re getting from
the food that is beneficial to you will be so deep and rich that that will be
what you are wanting to eat you see it’s a satisfaction you’re reaching for not
the means to the end which is the satisfaction best discussion we’ve ever
had about food and you set it up with your series of vibrational questions
inspired from the inside out you you

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  1. If I could just move in with you! Realy!  I need to be re programmed I know I am out of alignment. I need help getting back in alignment with source. I feel toxic…

  2. But…I want to lose weight Now!!!! Like, right this red hot minute….and I can't. And I'm embarrassed, because I don't want to seem limited or anything like that ;/

  3. Oh I'm in love with the last man's voice. The food guy…gorgeous, adorable vibration. I want to melt into him…..LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. I have no idea what she is talking about
    I want to try that
    How to affect the vibration?
    How I can know what to eat to loose weight?
    Pls help anybody?😰

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