4 Golf Warm Up Stretches

Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I’m going to show you my 4 simple
exercises I do before I hit my first ball.This is something I do before every practice session
and before every game of golf. It’s really simple. It gets my back loosened up and my muscles
ready to fire when I go and hit some balls. If you are interested in this. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] Ok. So the first exercise that I do is a pelvis
rock. So I just put my hands up against the wall. And I get into my golf posture. And all I do is I rock my hips from side to
side. I don’t want to slide backwards and forwards. All I am doing is rocking from side to side. I am doing it slowly. And I am using my hands to stabilize everything. And I do 10 each way. And just progressively turning a little bit
more and holding it. So that gets my hips activated. And we do need to use and activate our hips
during the golf swing. Now the second exercise I use a rubber band. Now I just bought this from a variety store. It was about $5. You can also use a bicycle tube. That’s one I got puncture on last week. And we do it something similar. So we tie the bicycle tube up here. If you want you can tie a knot in it. So you could put a big knot in the top and
put it in the through the top of the door. Put the knot on the other side of the door
and close the door. It actually does the same thing. A very good cheap training aid. It has also come up with a use for a tyre
ah or a tube that I would normally throw away. So they are always handy to have. So I have put this into the frame and it’s
up high. So what I do here is I get my golf grip. And I just start pulling my hands down. Ans as I am pulling my hands down wards. My left hip is engaging a little bit. I am not doing it hard or fast. It’s just a slow move. But when I am doing it I am using my left
shoulder as resistance. So I am not turning my left shoulder. I am keeping my left shoulder stable. And I am pulling down and engaging my left
hip. So I would then hold that for about 5 seconds. And then I would do it again. So Iam just resisting with my left shoulder,
pulling down and holding it. And I do it again. So I would do 10 on that side. And then I would follow it up by doing the
same thing on the other side of my body. So I would grip it like I would a left handed
grip. So the left hand up on top. So there I pull down stabilizing my right
shoulder. And my right hip is activating. Same thing just hold it for about 5 seconds
and I would repeat that 10 times. So as soon as I feel my shoulder turning. I know I am doing it incorrectly. So I am doing it smoothly hands pulling down
and my right hip is turning left while holding my right shoulder there. So the 3rd one I use. I would get my bicycle tube. I put it underneath my right foot. I shorten that And from there I’m turning. So it’s a very similar exercise to the lst
one. I am turning but I am just trying to pull
out that way. My hips engage. And that really gets my hips tuning. I am using my shoulder as resistance. Very similar to the last one. And I would do that 10 times. And then I would swap feet. The I would go on to my left foot. And I would practice that. So trying to keep my right hip there. And I am not trying to turn too much with
my shoulders. It jus activates my hips quite nicely. So as I said I would do that 20 times. And the last exercise that I do is I find
a seat. And I do this in the middle of a game of golf
too. Sometimes later in the round I feel my back
tightening up. So I just sit down and I grab the side of
the seat with both hands and I just gently try and pull my hips around and turn, get
my shoulders turning. It’s especially the shoulders. And then I hold it. I can feel that straining on my back just
ever so slightly. And then I do it the other side. So I gently pull and then hold it for about
5 seconds. And then I do it again. So I am trying not to do that sort of movement
as I go. I am trying to hold with my feet stable. And I am gently pulling my shoulder around. Holding it for 5 seconds. And then I do it again on the other side. So I do that 10 times. So by the time I have done those exercises
I feel nice and loose and warmed up. So now I am ready to hit my first shot. It gives me a nice feel. I feel loose and ready to go. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos you can subscribe
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