3 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Hi everyone! Are you exercising but still
unable to lose weight? Here are three reasons that might explain why. First reason: you
gain muscle mass. So if you started a workout plan or a switch to a new type of workout,
you might have lost fat, but also gain muscle, which would explain why your weight on the
scale is stable. Second reason: you’re less active the rest of the day. So often, people
that start exercising become less active the rest of the day, so in total, they’re not
burning that many more calories than before. Third reason possible: you increase your calorie
intake. So often, people will eat back the calories that they burn working out. Either
because they consider that they need a reward or they think they need a snack to recover
from their workout sometimes some exercise will increase appetite. So, did you ever tell
yourself: I went to the gym today so I can have a piece of cake or a glass of wine tonight?
So in conclusion, exercise is really important and has many health benefits including decreasing
the risk of chronic disease, improving sleep quality, managing stress, but to lose weight,
exercise by itself is not enough. You also need to make changes to your diet. Don’t
hesitate to share this video and to leave us your comments!

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