10 Min HIIT Cardio Workout for Fat Loss – High Intensity Workout at Home for Women Men No Equipment

hey everyone I’m coach Kozak and I’m
Claudia and welcome to 10 Min HIIT Cardio Workout for Fat Loss High Intensity Workout at Home for Women Men No Equipment workout this workout is great for both
men and women of an intermediate through Advanced fitness level Claudia is going
to be doing some of the more modified moves where I’m going to be doing the
advanced ones there’s absolutely no equipment required for this workout but
if you want to add some extra resistance and kick up the intensity a little bit
feel free to grab a couple either light hand weights or dumbbells preferably
between two to ten pounds we’re going to do the whole thing with you like always
I hope you’re ready to sweat let’s get this thing started we’re going to move
with some skater jumps I’m going to do a super skater jump Claudia is going to do
a traditional skater jump going side to side but I’m throwing a jump in in
between either way you’re staying light on the balls of your feet keeping your
weight back in your hips throughout making sure to breathe
through this whole workout that’s definitely going to be the theme nice
work good we’re not counting reps today so we’re just going to get as many
repetitions in as we can in a lot of time period nice can be 10 more seconds
of this one again getting as many in as you can and three two one zero
all right I’m going to grab it one of my hand weights for this next one Claudia’s
just going to do it with her body weight we’re going to do Slams
so we’re taking that power and that energy using her abs our legs are back
and we’re throwing it straight into the ground every time whether you have a
waiter or not either way you can create generate a bunch of power on this one
making sure to breathe definitely use those legs and squat down the weight
back in your hips on every single rep nice good keep it up big power big power
you’re a power factory let’s see it let’s go one in the next and five four
three two oh one nice okay I’m gonna grab my
second dumbbell Claudia is just using her hands we’re doing overhead punches
punching straight up alternating sides right left right left good bring those
hands back to your chin after every rep nice work good it’s all about speed on
this one hot hands hot hands Claudia is going about twice as fast as line guys
try to keep up with her come on let’s go give it your best right here you got it
give me ten more seconds go go go go go and five four three two one all right
I’m going to keep my dumbbells again Claudia without any we’re gonna do a
drop squat either a goblet drop squat holding your weights or just dropping on
your own but either way start with your feet together
dropping down put your weight back in your hips at the same time again one
right into the next I want you to push yourself today because no one else can
do it for you working at your own pace make this workout your own but push
yourself let’s go nice she’s gonna burn out those legs yes sure is not much left
I mean five more seconds and four three two one all right no weights for this
next one we’re going to get into a high plank position
lottie’s going to do a shoulder touch hip touch and I’m going to do a knee
touch knee touch toe touch toe touch so it’s either hip hip shoulder shoulder or
knee knee toe toe either way keep that core nice
and tight and make sure to breathe while you’re up
in this position definitely throughout the day going to side move by move which
one is right for you it’s always better to start with a
little easier version and work your way up
come back repeat this routine frequently and you’ll get a little bit better every
single time touching your hips is too much for you just stick with the
shoulder tap yep that’s totally okay and if you need
to you can drop down on your knees forward as well exactly almost there and
five four three two one and we’re up I’m going to grab my
weights Claudia’s going to do a squat I’m doing a jump squat and you can even
do one in between and just do the squat with weights you decide make it your own
but push yourself put your weight back in your hips force
those knees out on the way down nice good work everybody keep it up burning
it out burning it out ten more seconds of this one let’s go almost there and
five four three two one moving into a hook punch hands are at our chin we’re
going side to side I’m keeping my dumbbells either way if your weight in
your hips twist and use those ABS bring that hand back to your chin after every
rep good big power side to side use those legs use your core shoulders arms
back it’s all getting it on this one big power nice work come on let’s go going
hard and fast today get everything you got everything you got putting it out
there for five four three two one alright set my weights down Claudia is
going to do a mountain climber I’m doing a semi-circle
mountain climber so I’m literally gonna walk around 180 degrees well bringing my
knees up and back Claudia it’s just doing the more traditional mountain
climber if you need to Claire can you show them a modified just slow bring
your feet up there we go that’s a more modified
version if you need it so you decide which one is right for you today boo
they’re all tough though oh my goodness is it come on let’s go work in your core
getting your heart rate up upper body what isn’t getting hit on this one
that’s a good a good question nice come on almost there
good ten more seconds pushing through pushing through five four three two one
and done moving on to an uppercut I’ll grab my weights for this one up to you
if you want yours hand started our chin use her legs squat down big power up
squat down big power one into the next let’s go bring that fist straight up I
don’t movement like this it’s a good opportunity to let go of some of that
stress that you might have let it out come on
boom big pop you got it use those legs I know they’re burning on you that’s on
purpose come on let’s go don’t slow down one in
the next almost there almost there and five four three two one
nice weights are down I’m going crab walk Claudia’s going to do a crab kick
you decide which is right for you I’m gonna walk forward to the side back and
to the side Claudia it’s just alternating kicks bringing her feet back
down one leg at a time if you just slow down it’s okay to do this yeah even more
modified version it’s okay remember it’s better to do it with good
form and not hurt yourself to start good if you’re doing this version switch go
the opposite way good good it doesn’t really matter how
far you’re going on this one you don’t have as much room as we do that’s
totally okay pushing through pushing through almost there give me five four
three two one rook I’m going heinie Clyde is going
fast feet let’s go pace is up today heinie elbows
bent 90 grand gone either way move your feet fast as you can you know moving
Bowie let’s do it let’s go you’re right sorry you’re a fighter
not giving up push them through this pushing through this
you got it happen ha ha nice work give me ten more seconds pushing pushing
pushing five four three two one okay we’re going
to the ground bear plank pose so it’s like you’re on all fours and you just
come up and I’m going bear plank hot feet Claudia’s going to bear plank step
back you decided which one is right they’re both brutal oh come on let’s go
push it guys push it doing so great pushing the pace don’t slow down we
can’t slow down so you can’t slow down let’s go you got it you got it no pause
buttons today fight him through almost there you got it almost there fighting
through boy to the very end here we are this is it right here nothing left put
it all out there put it all out there let’s go let’s go under the next you
almost there almost there last ten seconds for the day right here
drive-thru drive-through bye four three two one up and done nice
work excellent work out there thank you so
much giving it all with us today you liked this workout make sure you give it
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Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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