10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

While some health problems are lurking secretly
within a person, obesity is not one of them; it cannot be concealed. And it didn’t suddenly appear overnight. It may have begun with a spare tire around
the waist. Carrying excess baggage may slow your step
and require you to keep buying larger clothes. But loading your body down with excess fat
can lead to catastrophic results. In today’s video we’ll review the dangers
associated with obesity but also provide a list of healthy foods that can help you shed
those unwanted pounds. Possible health risks: – Type 2 diabetes;
– Heart disease; – High blood pressure;
– Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; – Some types of cancer: breast, colon, endometrial,
and kidney; – Stroke; Fat doesn’t just accumulate around your
mid-section. It latches itself onto your heart, liver,
lungs and many other organs. And it’s not living there rent free; it
automatically converts into a warehouse for toxins. These toxins can have a detrimental effect
on your hormonal balance. To preserve your health, you should consider
altering your daily menu to include food that can wage war on fat. 1. Green Tea
Another way to boost weight loss and make sure these pounds don’t reclaim their former
space, is to consume a steady supply of energy and antioxidants. Green tea is a perfect example. 2. Yogurt
Yogurt has an abundance of proteins, calcium and probiotics. Researchers conclude that when probiotic yogurt
is added to a low-calorie diet, it can help improve weight reduction in obese individuals. 3. Oatmeal
This popular breakfast food is rich in fiber and can accelerate your weight loss. Besides preventing obesity it can improve
liver function. 4. Avocado
Once you slice through the alligator-like shell of an avocado, you’ll be rewarded
with a flavorful superfood. Encased in the fruit’s creamy texture is
a storehouse of monounsaturated fiber. Consuming avocado can improve your metabolism
and assist in weight management. 5. Barley
Like oats, barley contains fibers that absorbs water to create a thick gel which slows down
digestion. Studies report that simply adding 14 grams
of fiber per day can decrease calorie intake by 10%. 6. Almonds
Belly fat is no match for almonds. These delicious protein-rich nuts can eat
away at fat, especially in women. 7. Blueberries
Low fat blueberries are belly-busting fruit that also can also satisfy a sweet tooth. Their phytonutrients target the genes that
regulate fat and glucose metabolism. They also lessen chances to succumb to energy
shortages. 8. Miso
Want to add an Asian burst of flavor to your food? While miso won’t win any award for its uninviting
rugged-brown appearance, it can take a few trophies for its health benefits. This soup base is derived from fermented soy,
and is a depository of probiotics. 9. Beans
A wide assortment of beans can have a dramatic multi-purpose impact on weight loss, blood
sugar levels and can dissolve stubborn belly fat. Some of the low-calorie protein-laden beans
that can cleanse the colon and slow down digestion are chickpeas, red beans and whole peas . 10. Sauerkraut
The scent of Sauerkraut can’t compete with cookies in the oven. But don’t let its pungent smell keep you
from diving into its nutrients. It contains a wealth of healthy gut bacteria
and enzymes to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Sauerkraut can reduce inflammation, improve
cravings and balance stomach acids.

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  1. why it's not translated to arabic so that we can get meanings correctly ! please take it into your consideration next video

  2. Korean probiotics include kimchi, doenjang (Korean miso), and gochujang (fermented chili paste), and many pickled (=fermented) vegetables. Couple this with LOTS of veggies (cooked, raw, and fermented), and multigrain rice (often with beans, barley, etc).
    My favorite "go to" lunch is multigrain rice with a paste made from the miso and chili paste, all wrapped up in lettuce and other leafy greens–if you wash it down with green tea, you've consumed half the items on this list!

  3. I am a 95 kg weight man. When I watching this video and then experiment my life. It's a beautiful & helpful video. Nowadays my weight 93 kg. Thanks for share awesome video…

  4. Almonds eat away fat? What a load of crap.
    Only way to "eat away fat" is if you expend more calories than you consume.

  5. my weight is 90 KGS n I'm struggling a lot to shed my weight but after working so hard I'm not getting good result ,suggest me some good remedy

  6. I'm trying my hardest to not eat a lot cause I'm a 13 year old going to 8th grade and weigh 261lb which is so concerning and I do not look that fat but just overweight and obesity

    The doctor said I do not have Pre-Diabetes,Diabetes Type 1 and 2 but I do have a little bit of high blood pressure which I need to fix if it's possible

    Skinny: When I was born in Oct 16,2003-End of 3rd Grade
    A Little Fat:4th and 5th

  7. well yeah, I'm an 8th grader school girl that dreams to lose a lot of weight then my father disciplined and convinced me to eat oatmeal and yeah, I lose 2.5 kg in just one week…hehe

  8. It's a good video but that makes me cry just a tiny bit of it and still great at the same time of my life too.

  9. I try many ways to lose weight and I still do diet and I am not happy the way I am I need help I went to see the nurse give me a book what to eat I said to her I want fitness training she said weight next year and I need now try do jogging and I have to stop all the time I need help

  10. Most annoying at school this burgers and that and there's sugar and that and that's make you fat and I told him I just have fruits and I eat them all but I still gain weight at school seriously School know foods are too good to not eat

  11. Olos o kosmos grafi pos tha hasis varos to pos tha valoume varos den iparhi kourastika na prospathiso ta fagita m ine no gluten

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